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Mistakes to Avoid When you are a New Pup Parent

New things are so thrilling…the smell of leather seats in a new car, the smell of new fabric on a new shirt, the feel of a never-before-worn pair of boots and the joy of opening a new perfume that you have never tried before. There is just something that indicates new beginnings, and a freshness that comes with new things. Greater still is the thrill of welcoming a new member into your family especially if the said member is a puppy who has big round eyes and a look that just says “pick me up for a cuddle”.

But hold your horses before you pick her up. A new puppy, unlike a new pair of long coveted boots, comes with responsibilities. There are some mistakes you as a first time parent should endeavor to avoid so as to bring up a well behaved and happy puppy.

First, remember patience is one of the greatest virtues you need to develop as a new puppy parent. This is a puppy that has just been separated from her mom and siblings, as well as the world she has known since birth. To make matters worse she is still navigating the fine art of being a member of a human family and things like potty breaks are still foreign to her. Be patient especially when teaching her new things, and stay consistent with your training to avoid confusing her.

A mistake most new parents make is getting sucked in by the puppy’s charm and therefore turning the puppy into a beggar without knowing it. Fight the urge to feed table scraps to your new puppy no matter how cute she looks while begging. Giving in now will create greater problems in future for you. Human food in general should be avoided until you familiarize yourself and are absolutely sure that the food you are feeding the puppy is healthy for her. Human food such as onions and grapes are poisonous to dogs and you don’t want to end up with a puppy that is sick the first week of bringing her home, do you?

During the day avoid leaving your puppy home alone for long hours. Ask a friend or family member to check in on her and give her potty breaks if you are too busy to do it yourself. If you can’t find someone to do you this favour, just engage the services of professional pet sitting services or even doggy daycares. Doing this will give you peace of mind so you can focus on what you are doing at work and your puppy gets to be taken good care of while you’re gone.

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