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Meaning of Dreaming a Dog

Meaning of Dreaming a Dog

Homo sapiens are one of the most intelligent beings among the mammals. They are intrigued easily and often try to find answers to things. They interpret everything that happens around them. Among all other things, they also try to find the meanings of different dreams. Today, let us focus on dreaming dogs in specific.

In general, dog dreams are often associated with generosity, instincts, loyalty, friendship and constant companionship. However, this shall heavily depend on how you see the dogs in a dream.
On other occasions, they may be associated with a job, relationship, finance and much more. You will have to remember closely how he dog looked, what was it doing and also, his mood. Such variables can alter the dream significantly!

1. Barking dogs:

There are two kinds of barkings, one is happy and other is angry. A happy barking indicates having a desirable position in your social circle while an angry bark symbolizes that either you or someone in your life is being demanding and controlling.

2. Seeing a puppy in your dream:

This is presumably your ability to nurture someone – be it a child or another person. Also it can mean to do well in a relationship or at work. In some circumstances, this may refer to the parental or protective instinct in you. On other occasions, it can indicate a person in your life who is rowdy, needy, curious and impulsive.

3. Dreaming about being bitten by a dog:

This can indicate a person who is being unkind, mean, fickle or harmful in any way. Such an interpretation is associated with dreams where a dog is trying to bite you but has not actually bitten you. The part of your body where the dog bites you can also provide significant implications. A bite on your leg may means that you will encounter difficulty in balancing any aspect of your life. Also, a dog biting on your hand may indicate the possibility of disloyalty or betrayal.

4. A dog running:

It is important to consider the way to which the dog runs. If it runs towards you in a non-threatening way then you can expect a new relationship in your life. If it runs away from you, then you should think about a relationship where you are feeling distant – the dream is in such a context. If you chase a dog in a dream and it begins to run away from you, this may mean that you are trying to pursue an urge of yours and it is not being fulfilled.

Likewise, when a dog attacks you in your dream, it may signal that you need to be wary of all your relationships. Someone close to you might betray you or leave you. Either ways, most dog dreams signify emotional connections and emotional changes that are happening or due in your life. Dreams often take different turns with the color of your dog and its breed.
It is you who needs to pay close attention to all the details and interpret the dream, based on the above mentioned details, likewise!

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