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Me and My Buster’s Running Schedule

Sometime last year, I was so busy that I let my exercise schedule gather some dust. I was walking in the mall, and decided to take my weight, even though a small voice at the back of my head pleaded with me not to. I knew I had neglected my exercise schedule long enough to warrant a few pounds. My jeans had been fitting a bit too snuggly so I expected a little weight, but nothing had prepared me for the horror that awaited me.

Me and My Buster_Photo1

Seems I had underestimated the power of a sedentary life. The last time I had weighed this much, I was still in high school and 17. I had strived to lose and keep the weight off all my adult life after high school. You see, I am not naturally slim. I have to work hard to maintain a nice figure.

So these few months, I have decided to exercise with my Rottweiler male by my side. His name is Buster. He is massive and well trained to run off leash. I must say we are having a lot of fun together, my boy and I. He is rippling with muscle and I am slowly losing some of the extra padding I had accumulated.

We jog for 30 minutes every morning. My schedule is still busy, but I set the clock 30 minutes earlier than usual to accommodate exercise at least four days a week. If I’m not up at the usual time – my Buster’s internal clock is set by now- he comes to nudge me with a bark or two to get up and go conquer the good health world.

Me and My Buster_Photo2

We take different routes around our home to keep things interesting. I have discovered more places these few months than I have in the seven years I have lived here. In addition, I can now comfortably jog without losing my breath compared to when I first started.

In the beginning, Buster was patient with me, and he would slow down and walk beside me when I got tired. I believe he is still being patient with me although he would prefer to explore his legs’ full potential. Whenever I challenge him to a sprint at the mile mark away from our house, he shows me dust, literally, but always comes back to fetch me with sympathetic yet exasperated eyes that seem to say, “Oh humans!”

Me and My Buster’s Running Schedule

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