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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Making your Home Dog Proof

There is a dog next door that Buster finds irresistible. The fact that she is in heat further compounds matters, because now he has even learned to open the gate. We have had to put the gate’s handle far up where he can’t reach. This is not the first time we have had to change our lives for the dogs’ safety.To keep your house safe for your dog, you need to do the following things:

Pet proof the home

Just like you would keep the house safe for a baby, you need to do the same for the dog. Get electrical covers for electrical outlets, safety locks for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and a containment system for electrical cords.

Places like stairs and balconies should be out of bound for dogs but for safety, get a stair to keep your dog off when you are not around.

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Keep doors and gates locked

If your dog is in the habit of destroying everything he comes into contact with, it helps to keep all doors closed. This way, you keep your items safe and the dog is out of danger.

Stay organized

Even if you do close doors and you are always close to your dog, he can still get into mischief right under your nose. Imagine you have a bowl full of fresh fruits and it’s within the dog’s reach. If you turn around for five minutes, the dog will find the bowl and start playing with the fruits. To avoid such accidents, just put everything in its place. Ensure said place is out of the dog’s reach, just to be safe.

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Crate train

Sometimes, due to commitments, you just have to leave your dog home alone. When he is bored he can get into all sorts of mischief, which unfortunately might cost you money in repairs. To avoid this, train your pet to stay in his crate when you are not around. Alternatively, you can boundary train him so that he sticks to a specific area in the house where he cannot destroy your things.

Making your Home Dog Proof

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