Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Making your Pup Insta Famous

Hashtags and captions-luring followers in.

When posting photos, make use of hashtags such as #cute #adorable pup. Hashtags help your work get noticed, especially when you are just starting your dog’s journey to stardom.

Further, make sure to go through other famous dogs’ captions and see which type attract the most audience. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? You can use this knowledge to caption your photos in an interesting way that many people will want to read and follow you.

In addition to attracting views, captions also give your account a unique voice. If you want the account to have a grumpy feel, use captions that bring that out, if a funny feel, do so using funny captions and remember to dress your dog to fit the voice and theme. A brightly colored outfit doesn’t exactly fit a dog with grumpy captions, does it?

You should also think what makes your furry friend unique. Is it his cute antics, his special fur, or eyes that are a different color maybe? Find out what makes your dog unique and amplify it.

Aftermath-maintaining popularity.

Once you have a few followers, post consistently to keep them engaged. You can focus on posting one photo per day or you could do it after every two days. Just make sure to keep your followers entertained because an account that is hardly ever updated loses followers fast.

Make sure to connect and network with other dogs. Follow them and also make sure to follow the ones that follow you. Share their posts, comment on and like their photos because they will likely do the same for your photos. Have you ever noticed that the more likes and comments a post has the more people feel compelled to also like or comment? This will mean if there are a few likes from those you follow, more new viewers will feel they need to know what is attracting so many likes and therefore comment too, especially if you are posting quality photos as outlined above.

Now that you and your dog’s account have attracted thousands of followers you have some influence. There is power in crowds, and having thousands of followers means that power lies squarely on your shoulders. Do the right thing and use this power for good. Mobilize your followers to donate to local charities or even support a local pound so that more dogs can have happy homes and families who care for them, just like you care for your dog.

Cute Photo @staygoldenhoney

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