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How to Make Vet Visits Less Stressful: 7 Methods that Guarantee Results

How to Make Vet Visits Less Stressful: 7 Methods that Guarantee Results

Dogs are similar to humans in more ways than you can think of. Remember the time when you dreaded going over to the dentist for your monthly appointments? Dogs feel nothing less than that.

They can literally smell the fact that they are about to go for their veterinarian appointment. (We might have clearly underestimated their 300 million olfactory receptors.)

It is common for a dog to have such a fear. However, one must also understand the importance of regular visits to the vet and not ignore it. Solutions to half your problems are with the vet. So many years of training and learning means better experience and better knowledge of facts when it comes to dogs.

Why a Visit To The Vet Is A Must

Here are a few reasons why going to the vet is an important part of a dog’s life:

  • Even if you find your dog in the happiest state of mind it has ever been in, a trip to the vet cannot be ignored. There might be problems which may not be present on the face of it but early detection can lead to its prevention.
  • The vet will ensure that your dog undergoes all the important vaccinations.
  • They can check for toxins or parasites which may be present inside the dog’s system.
  • Ageing pets need special care and attention which can be given by the vet, for their well-being.

How to Make Vet Visits Less Stressful

Let’s be honest. No one likes going to the doctor. But, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. In fact for creatures like dogs which are so much more susceptible to diseases and infections, it becomes all the more important.

To make it easier for you to handle them, here are a few ways in which it can make visits to the vet less stressful:

  • Find a veterinarian who is a dog-specialist. Make sure of the fact that your dog is comfortable with the vet. The vet should not act as an anxiety-inducing factor for the dog. They should be playful and calm while treating or handling your dog.

    Ensure that you pay regular visits so that your dog can become friendly with the vet. You can also give the vet a few of your dog’s favorite treats which the vet can later gift the dog as a token of affection. This will also help in building trust with the dog.

  • Ensure that you teach your dog the basic instructions of sitting, lying, standing, turning, relaxing, etc. This will assist the vet into taking the session much more smoothly and quickly.
  • Dogs don’t like it a lot when someone handles their mouth. Vet sessions require the checking of the teeth of the dog and to look for other diseases as well. Make sure you practice it with the dog and make it accustomed to the process.
  • Get your dog’s favorite treats along with you. Dog bones and dog toys are a must carry. Whenever you feel your dog getting restless or unstable, you can always hand it one of it’s dog toys which it can chew onto, to feel calmer and better.
  • Before coming to the vet, take your dog out for a nice stroll in the park. Make sure that they are calm and collected. Relax their minds. Treat them with a little something.
  • Always make sure that you arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment. Your dog may take a couple of minutes to get comfortable with the new surroundings. It may not go along very well with other pets. Getting used to the routine may take more time than anticipated.
  • If you feel your dog getting scared or fearful, try to talk it out of the situation. Pat it nicely. Give small, calming massages and don’t leave its side.


Regular visits to the vet are very important. Your dog might be a little finicky for the first few sessions but it will eventually get comfortable with it. Find the best vet around. Visits to the vet might be a little heavy on the pocket, but look at it as goodwill to pay back your four-legged best friend.

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