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How To Make Sure Your Pets Are Stress-Free

How To Make Sure Your Pets Are Stress-Free

Owning a pet is associated with numerous gains. Pets make great companions and stress-relievers. Surprisingly, they are also prone to stress and need to de-stress, tranquilize, and continue with their daily routine. For most pet lovers, dealing with an anxious pet can be tough, and many wonder how to help them. Luckily, there are various things you can do to de-stress your pet.

What are the causes of stress in pets?

Most pets have a routine lifestyle, and interfering with this can stress up your pet. We also love exercising and taking pets for a walk, but too much of this can be dangerous. Moreover, too much noise will leave your dog stressed if they aren’t left to rest well.

There are various dog breeds, and all have varying stress levels, and the food you give to your pet can have adverse effects on your pet. Some of the dog stress signals are; barking, aggression, low energy, sleep problems, and lack of appetite.

What are the best ways to de-stress your pet?

1. Pet scents and oils

Fragrances are a great way of lifting the mood, and they also work for pets. For instance, pheromones are chemical compounds used for communication. They can also be used to de-stress cats and calm them down.

Pet stress can also result from pain arising from conditions like arthritis and other unknown reasons. There are various things you can use to help your bet calm down. For instance, the hemp oil for pets does wonders. It not only alleviates pain but also helps to de-stress your pet. It will also make your pet alert more alert and energetic.

2. Outdoor exposure

Although most pets stay indoors, being outdoors can help; the change of environment can make your pet feel a little better. Many pet lovers refuse to leave their cats and dogs outside due to fear of infections and safety concerns. But, giving your pet time to stay outdoors relieves build up tension and dog anxiety.

3. Music therapy

Music is an excellent way of alleviating stress in humans, and it works for pets too. Loud or sudden noise is one of the leading causes of stress in dogs. However, pets respond very well to music; gentle sounds, when repeated over time, will make your pet more relaxed. Put on that soft music that you usually listen to, and it will benefit both you and your pet. Listening to music together is also a great way of boning.

4. Play with your pet

Playing is one of the best-stressed dog remedies. Dogs have a lot of energy, and the best way to release it is by playing with them. Playing will also make your pet happy and less anxious. Some of the games to play with your dog are throwing a ball, tug-of-war, or creating bubbles of soapy water.

On the other hand, cats require a lot of attention; spending time together will calm them down. Some of the exciting games to play with your cat hide and seek, bubble chase, chase the light, and many more.

5. Avoid smoking

Smoking is not only harmful to humans but can affect your pet as well. Exposing your dog to secondary smoke makes them susceptible to allergies, eye infections, and respiratory problems. A study conducted at Colorado State University showed that pets living in a smoking environment were likely to suffer from nasal cancer. Blowing cigarette smoke on your pet can make them feel stressed.

Final thoughts

Pets are crucial members of your family, and it’s critical to consider their feelings. When your pet feels low and stressed, you’re likely to be unhappy as well. But a happy pet will give you the best company, lift your mood and make you more comfortable. So, it’s good to take the best care of your cat or dog, make them safer at home and this will de-stress your pet and make them more comfortable.

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