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How to Make Your Move More Dog-Friendly

Moving can be a stressful task especially if you have picked your new location at a long distance. But without the right measures, this experience can be much more stressful for your canine friend.

While things settle down, pets do not realize it even after the transition has taken place. Your furry friends can be traumatized if you fail to make your move more dog-friendly. As caregivers, it’s our responsibility to make the transition convenient and smooth for our four-legged friends.

Here’s everything you want to learn about moving with a dog.

Bring in the crate

If you haven’t trained your dog for a crate, now could be the best time to introduce one. To ensure your moving journey goes smoothly, it is essential that you crate-train your furry ball.

Do not force your dog to use the crate. Bring it in a few days before your moving day and just place it in an open area to encourage your dog to explore it.

Use treats to encourage your furry friend to check the carriage out and make it comfortable, so they choose this spot to rest before the time for moving day comes.

Make sure the crate is sturdy, safe, and well-ventilated for the move.

Packing without hassle

You are all set to move to your new home but are stuck with the dreaded process of packing. As stressful as this could be for you, make sure your dog is at ease too.

Sometimes the sudden change can be anxiety-inducing for your pet. This could double if you stop paying attention too. To help your dog feel positive about the major changes is to make sure you maintain his routine as much as you can.

Be particular about his food, games, toys, and walks. In fact, amp up the outdoor time and take turns, so you get to pack more while your dog is away.

Pack your dog’s stuff last

As mentioned above, experiencing sudden changes can overwhelm for your pet. Whether it’s your dog’s favorite room or his stuff, make sure you pack it last. This way your dog can spend more time in his favorite spot while you pack and manage the move without stressing him out.

Take your dog out on a moving day

Moving day can be chaotic. With so many people moving in and out, it can become stressful for the dog and even provide escape opportunities.

If you can’t take your dog out yourself, ask a family member for a favor. Take the dog out for a walk or at a dog-friendly restaurant until the chaos is over. In case it takes longer than a few hours, you can see even as a family member or friend to have your dog over for a day.

If none of these sounds like a good option, place your dog crate in a separate, quiet room and let them stay there safe.

Ensure car safety

It’s not safe for your dog to run free in the car, especially if you have to travel a long distance. While some people let their dogs stick their head out of the window, it is both dangerous and risky for your furry friend. Doing so makes them susceptible to airborne debris.

Placing the carriage or crate in the car and securing it makes it easier for the dog as well as the driver to make the travel smooth and hassle-free.

Carry dog food and medication

Even if it is not a long journey, keeping a few your pet’s essentials – like food and medication – can be handy. Food can help keep your dog calm through the road ride.

For longer journeys, it is recommended that you keep all important medicines as well as a week’s worth of food, just in case.

Be prepared for motion sickness

If your dog is not used to regular car rides, it is possible for him to feel motion sickness. This is especially true for longer car rides where there is also a chance for your dog to become dehydrated.

It can be difficult for you to feed your dog in a moving vehicle. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, and the ride is longer than eight hours, it is important that you take multiple breaks and food your dog. Focus more on water and keep the food light. Providing wet food can offer better hydration benefits.

Taking breaks during long car journeys also allow your four-legged friends to stretch and go to the bathroom.

Let your dog settle in

After reaching your new home, pay more attention to your dog. Let him explore the house and settle in. Do not leave your pet among the chaos. Stay with your dog while the movers are placing your stuff into your new house.

If you can’t keep a watch over your dog, find a quiet and safe place – like a closet area or bathroom – where you can leave your dog for a while. It is best that at least one familiar face stays with your dog to give him company. Also, give him some time to feel at home.

Establish your routine quickly

Of course, it takes time for everyone to settle and adjust to the change in the new home. But it’s best if you try to set a routine as quickly as possible. Spend more time with your dog and go for a walk like you always do.

Give back his things

As much as you want to buy everything new for your new place, try to keep your dog’s thing as it is. They are accustomed to their belongings and feel safer and better if they find their old blanket, toys, and other stuff like in the old house. The familiar scent will help him feel more at home.

After all those efforts, if you still feel your pet is out of sorts, somewhat uninterested or sad in the new surroundings, simply spend more time with him and give him a warm space of his own to adjust.

Author Bio:

Jenny Harrison is a passionate lifestyle blogger. She loves to engage with readers who are seeking home and lifestyle-related information on the internet. She is a featured blogger at various high authority blogs and magazines in which she shared her research and experience with the vast online community. Currently associated with New York moving company ‘All Around Moving Services Company Inc.’ Specializes in arranging and assembling services of professional and skilled local movers locally in New York City as well as areas in New Jersey, Connecticut and the Miami Dale area in South Florida for their blog operations. Follow her on twitter @MJennyHarrison for more updates.

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