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How to Make Easter Safe for Pets

How to Make Easter Safe for Pets

1. Easter grass is usually used to decorate Easter baskets and is pretty easy for your dogs and cats to chew onto. If by any chance your pet ends up ingesting it, it can be really harmful real fast. You can use tissue paper instead or make sure that you keep these grass- filled baskets away from your pets reach.

2. Chocolate can be really bad for your pet since it makes them super hyperactive and may also cause them to seize. Make sure your chocolate stock is kept well-hidden and away from your pets reach.

3. Easter candy can also be super toxic for your pet. It contains xylitol, which is a sweetener and causes your pet to seize and go into liver failure. So make sure all your candy stash is also kept well away from your pet’s reach and when the kids in the family are playing with candy, your pet isn’t nearby.

4. Make sure you keep your cats away from Easter lilies. Cats tend to chew on them often and these flowers can be really toxic for them. It’s best to not bring home Easter lilies if you are a pet cat owner.

5. Leftover food scraps on the table are really bad for your pet. The random combination of spices and fat contents can make your pet ill really quickly and cause their stomach to get upset. Make sure you clean you table as soon as possible and forbid your guests from giving any food to your pets.

6. Stuffed Easter toys for kid’s maybe another thing on the list that you should keep your pet safe from. Stuffed bunnies and plastic toys can be easily chewed and swallowed by your pet. This may cause intestinal blockage or a bad stomach.

7. If you think your pet is a shy animal, make sure you don’t overwhelm them by inviting a lot of people over for Easter because that might scare them and cause them to act inappropriately. You can put your pet in a room with food and water for the time you’re going to have guests over and make sure nobody disturbs them.

8. Make sure you know where you hide your Easter eggs and count them at the end of the day. Because if your pet chewed or swallowed one of those plastic Easter eggs, I can cause some real trouble with their stomach or even block their intestines. Keep track of the number of eggs you hid and keep an eye out for the whereabouts of your pet.

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