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How To Make Your Dog’s Instagram More Popular in 10 Ways

How To Make Your Dog's Instagram More Popular in 10 Ways

For each owner, their dog is the most beautiful in the entire world. Still, some pets get way more attention than just from their loving (and somewhat biased) owners. Take Toast, for example – an Insta-celebrity with 350+ thousands of subscribers. A usual dog, from the first quick glance, has conquered hearts of the worldwide audience and became a symbol of an overall dog social media obsession.

Taking a look at all that, you can’t help but think that it’d be fun to have your pet napping with Taylor Swift (as an owner, you could also get a selfie). Sounds tempting? The only roadblock is, you don’t know where to start and how to turn your dog into an international sensation.

Luckily, we got you. After analyzing the most popular dog Instagram accounts (from Jiff Pom, with 6.6 million subscribers to Lilly Singh’s Scarbro), we are ready to lay down all the methods that made these dogs into stars.

Method #1 – It’s all about positioning

If there would be one advice that we’d define as the single most important one that would be: Pets’ accounts use exactly the same rules that all successful Insta-models do. Sure, the bikini shots might be off the table but most of the laws work for pets, too.

What makes your dog different? Sure, he might look really6 cool but that’s just a small part of the positioning. Cute dogs are everywhere, you need to come up with a compelling story, too. How did your dog become a family member? What skills does your pet possess? Where do you live? What are your experiences as an owner? Answer these questions in detail and compare what you have to share with what already exists on the platform. You want to find a middle ground – something that corresponds to the trends but with your own unique take.

Method #2 – Follow Instagram trends

Again, just like with human accounts, there are trending topics. For dogs, these are cute clothes, friendships with other animals and family members and cute traveling pictures. If you can also adapt to the seasons, holidays, events, that would be a big advantage.

Method # 3 – Stay unique while following the tendencies?

After browsing all the successful accounts, it’s easy to get lost in other people’s vision and lose your own take on your dog’s routine. Don’t forget that you are not just following the trends but first of all, tell the unique story of your pet.

Method #4 – Avoid staged photos.

You have to tell the story of your pet’s adventures, not create it just for Instagram’s sake. Always have a good camera nearby so you can save the great moment wherever it happens.

Method #5 – Don’t get stuck in one routine

We know how easy it is to always visit one places, do the same exercise or feed your god relatively the same food. Well, if you are aiming to be an Instagram star, really consider spicing things up. Go to different places 2-3 times per week, change clothes, and buy your dog new toys to have fun with.

Method #6 – Regularly socialize with other dogs.

You might have a great relationship with your pet and think that you are the one to know him or her best. However, spending time with other dogs, your pet will open different side to his personality. He can show a bit of the wild side (make sure it doesn’t turn to anything crazy) or have a sweet friendship with another dog – and it always looks cute on pictures.

Method #7 – Be honest

Even though people do visit Instagram to enjoy awesome lives and beautiful photos, you also have to talk about difficulties. At some point, your followers start trusting you and will look up to you in terms of their own dog’s care and training. It makes you responsible. If your dog develops signs of aggression, the most responsible thing to do would be to make a post about it. Sure, some might unfollow but you have to keep the ‘honesty’ line open.

Method #8 – Cooperate with other owners who also have successful accounts of their dogs

Yes, you can do collabs, just like human bloggers do. Visit each other for a play date, schedule a collective training session, go to try on some cute clothes together. Not only you’ll get cute pictures but also attract the audience from other profile.

Method #9 – Post regularly

Luckily, we have stories to share as much as we’d like. Don’t post everything on your feed – leave it to the most significant moments, like getting a new friend, learning a new trick or celebrating Christmas. The daily routine stuff goes to Stories – it’ll keep your audience engaged and your main feed cohasive.

Method #10 – Don’t ignore the like-and-follow rule

It’s easy to do collabs and promotion if you already have a built name and established contacts. If you are new to the whole social media world, start with liking and following other owners. Some of them can follow and like you back. Before you start this, make sure your profile looks great so people want to subscribe to it.

Method #11 – Find out more information about owners of the popular dogs

Monitoring pets’ accounts, it’s easy to forget that these are people who manage them. If you want to become a part of the community, start caring about owners, too. Talk to them, find out their names – just do some basic research.

What to write in posts?

All popular dog’s accounts share the same characteristics – pretty extensive captions that are not as much a couple of phrases but rather short essays on a specific part of dog’s life. Sure, some still use a couple of sentences but for most, it’s not enough.

We collected a list of writing services that will help you master writing and create amazing captions.

#1. HandmadeWriting – An essay writing services with great additional tools that will help you check and improve your writing. You can also find an editor who will take a second look at your captions.

#2. Grammarly – This proofreading tool is a must-have for any writer. It underlines the text fragments that need to be improved and gives regular insights on your writing progress.

#3. Writemyessaytoday – Get efficient writing help and use additional tools to improve the quality of your text. Perhaps, for Instagram captions that’s a bit radical but for important emails or long Facebook posts, it’s just perfect.

#4. Hemingway App – The service evaluates the readability of the texts by determining complicated or illogical sentences and offering options for improvement

#5. WritingsGuru – A service offers you a possibility to consult an expert and have your writing evaluated before publishing it anywhere.

Your dog’s happiness matters

Looking to get more followers, it’s easy to forget about your pet’s emotions. If you constantly picture your dog being happy and cheery, soon you might start ignoring the moments when he (or she) is sad and needs your help. The image, created by you on social media, will become more important than the actual pet.

Sure, that’s the nightmarish situation. More often than not, developing dog’s Instagram will allow you to get closer and know each other better. You’ll make your activities more diverse and give your pet more quality attention. Still, there are some red flags and it’s crucial to evaluate them before even starting the whole thing.

Don’t force it on your dog

If you see that your pet is tired or sad, don’t force him into games or training. Sometimes pets try to communicate to owners that they’ve had enough. Your goal is to hear that and put your dog’s emotions first. Even if you need a post because your editorial calender says so, your pet’s needs are still a priority.

The most important thing is,

You want your pet to think of you as a mom (or dad), not the photographer, strict trainer, or an angry teacher. Make sure all the new roles you inevitably have to learn in the process of managing your dog’s Insta profile, will not get in the way. An Instagram account is and should be a great way to bond, and try to keep it this way.

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