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How Long Do Dogs Eat Puppy Food

How Long Do Dogs Eat Puppy Food

You feed your puppy with puppy food because it contains rich nutrient and high calories that your puppy will need to grow and develop high energy levels, just like a growing baby your puppy begins to grow though. Most of the times, it becomes confusing as to how long to continue feeding them with puppy food and when to switch.

How long can dogs eat puppy food and when is the right time to switch

Feeding your dog with puppy food might lead them becoming over-weight due to the high calories contained in the food and it can be detrimental to their health. However, every dog is considered to become mature at one or two years depending on their breed.

If you have dogs that are of small breed, they are considered to weigh 30pounds and are likely to use between 9-12 months to mature and become of age to stop eating puppy food.
Medium breed dogs weigh between 30-80 pounds and take around 12-16 months to mature.

While dogs that are of giant or large breed, weighing at least 80poumds and take around 24month to become fully mature.

Dogs that are of mixed breed however might be confusing to detect when it gets to adulthood, so if you have a dog that is of mixed breed or you are not sure of what breed your dog falls into, then it is advisable that you seek to help of a veterinarian. The veterinarian will assist you, and help you know how long and when to stop giving your dog puppy food. In addition, they will help make switching the food a successful journey for you.

Basically, you don’t just wake up and decide you need to switch from puppy to dog food. It is a gradual process. The bottom line is this, you need to first determine what breed your dog is, they know how long it takes to transition into adulthood because that is just about how long you need to feed them with puppy food. Once your dog has hit maturity then you should consider switching food gradually to avoid stomach upset and also once you decide to switch food, you need to also realize that you would have to change the way you feed them.

Just to be on a safe side, you can go to your vet, so he can tell you what breed your dog is, how long it will take to hit maturity stage and how long your dog can eat puppy food.

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