Lhasa Apsos: All You Need to Know

The Lhasa Apsos looks cuddly and soft from afar, but don’t be fooled. Remember that saying that good things come in small packages? That’s the true definition of a Lhasa Apsos’s ability to guard his family. This dog takes its watchdog responsibilities seriously and is loyal to the family.

Despite his small size he is quite tough, and has a strong mind that he is not afraid to express. He owes his cuteness to his long coat that looks fashionable when well taken care of. As a bonus, the coat comes in many colors and patterns so owners are spoil for choice in that department.

Lhasa Apsos

This breed does not require a lot of exercise. He is therefore ideal for a person who has a busy schedule or one who has physical difficulties that can’t allow him to go for walks on the regular.

On the downside, due to his strong-mind, he takes quite a while to house-break. He therefore requires an owner who is patient with him. Training him on basic obedience early in his young, impressionable years takes care of this problem.

The owner must also socialize this dog early as he tends to be suspicious towards strangers. This suspiciousness coupled with his loyalty and hard-headedness can lead to disaster when guests who are new to the household come calling. These dogs have even been known to bite in cases where they have not been adequately trained against such antisocial behaviors.

The functional purpose of having a long coat is to protect the dog from cold weather. However, these long coats currently serve fashion purposes. If you love to doll up your dog, the Lhasa Apsos is the go-to dog. He has a long, straight outer coat and a thick undercoat meaning you have to brush him daily. The results, as in the photo above are awesomely satisfying and a true eye candy.

Lhasa Apsos

If brushing the coat is a problem though and you still like this breed for the small size and toughness, you can trim the coat completely to make their maintenance less hectic.

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Lhasa Apsos: All You Need to Know

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