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Learn Useful Tips on Feeding Newborn Kittens

Learn Useful Tips on Feeding Newborn Kittens

Do you want to know how to take care of newborn kittens quickly? There are several simple secrets you should take into consideration to grow a healthy and obedient pet. Find out what you need to prepare for proper feeding little cuties at home.

It is impossible to pass by newborn kittens without smiling at these lovely pets. They look so nice and helpless so need special treatment. It happens their mother can’t take care of them because of injury, disease or any other problem. That’s why we worked hard to prepare useful tips on how to feed newborn kittens. We also included some secrets from a famous cat – lover Max Polyakov EOS.

Max Polyakov has a very astonishing experience in taking care of kittens. He has fed lots of pets and now is glad to share own secrets of successful growing little cuties. Polyakov often visits different exhibitions where provides visitors with useful information.

To begin with, it is important to remember the necessity of ample nutrition for the kittens from the first days of their life. The pet owner has to act the role of a mother cat in case their mum can’t do this. If you don’t know all the details of this important process, then look closer at our great tips.

How to Prepare a Bottle for a Kitten

Learn Useful Tips on Feeding Newborn Kittens

Are you wondering how often should newborn kittens eat? Of course, the situation may differ depending on the condition and the size of the pets. But mind, usually a small kitten needs about 9-12 feedings a day. You will have to start preparing food every two hours in the very beginning. Moreover, you should prepare some supplies to do everything in a proper way. Pay attention, that common bottles for baby won’t suit your needs. But don’t get upset as pet store are ready to provide you with special bottles and nipples. Moreover, be ready to purchase a dropper to feed the kittens if they are a preemie. Do it until pets are strong enough for sucking a bottle.

Note what things you will need to prepare:

  • Kitchen scale
  • Kitten formula
  • Special bottles and nipples
  • Dropper (optional)
  • Someтsoft towels and washcloths

Proper Formula is a must

Do you want to know how to goat milk for newborn kittens? Actually, this process doesn’t differ from feeding human babies. First of all, you need to sterilize the bottle and then warm prepared formula. Only after doing this, you can give the bottle to a little cutie. Don’t hurry and prepare everything properly in order to avoid possible difficulties. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide to help you.

1. Boil some water and sterilize the nipples and bottles on a water bath. It will take you about 5 minutes. Then leave them to dry on the clean towel.
2. Put a towel, a bowl with some water and a washcloth on the table situated near a comfortable chair.
3. Next prepare the formula in accordance with the directions written on the package. Mix everything and fill the bottle.
4. Now you should warm prepared formula. Do it in a way that is the most convenient for you.
5. Drip a few drops on the wrist to check the temperature. Continue warming the bottle if it is too hot.
6. Place the nipple and start feeding newborn kittens.

Feeding a Kitten: How to do it

Learn Useful Tips on Feeding Newborn Kittens

Sit down in a very cozy armchair. Place the towel on own lap. Your pet should have the face down. By the way, don’t forget to wrap the pet into a towel. This small cutie will feel safe and warm. It is the answer to the question of how to care for newborn kittens. Don’t raise its head and put a nipple into its mouth. You will see how the pet starts sucking. Go on feeding until you see an empty bottle or understand it is not hungry anymore.

A Kitten should Burp

One of the most surprising newborn kitten’s facts is that they also should burp just the same as ordinary babies. Help the pet do it. Place one of your hands under its abdomen and pat the upper back. Finally, be attentive and do it correctly in order not to harm a lovely creature.

Put the Pet to Sleep

After eating, a small creature needs peace and comfort. Let it fall asleep and put in a cozy bed. Try not to disturb it and allow the kitten to have a rest.
We hope, this article will be useful for you and your small pets. Write in comments, how many kittens do you have and how do you take care of them.


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