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How to Know if your Dog is Out of Heat

How to Know if your Dog is Out of Heat

All mammals have period which is similar to human female period; however the female dog period is a different experience as compared to humans. It consists of 4 stages including:

1. Proesterus stage: the female dog may become grumpy or excessively affectionate towards either owner.
2. Estrus stage: behavior becomes flirtatious and bloody discharge becomes lighter pink in color.
3. Diestrus stage: the female dog becomes less interested in mating.
4. Anestrus stage: this stage is also known as resting stage. It can last 100 days, after which the heat cycle may begin again.

You know when your dog’s heat is over when all of the signs of being in heat are absent. These signs usually include:

  • Frequent urination
  • Raising leg in a different manner while urinating or when they see another dog
  • Attracted to male dogs excessively
  • Become more affectionate
  • Are excessively lazy or aroused
  • Run away to hide from male dogs

There are a few ways to test if your dog is out of the heat. You can test by scratching your dog’s lower back side to see her reaction. If she flags her tail or retaliates, it probably means that she is still in her cycle.

Another evident sign that your dog is through with their heat is that she will lose all interest in male dogs. During the estrus stage, female dogs begin to show interest in mating but when she exhibits complete lack of interest in male dogs, it is a good sign and your dog is most likely out of heat.

Female dogs go through three phases in their heat cycle which is usually 21 days long or three weeks long. You can keep track of her cycle and mark it on a calendar. During the first nine days, a female dog’s vulva swells and she passes bloody discharge. In the next phase, she will develop an increasing interest in male dogs. Over the next nine days, she will exhibit mating signs. During the last stage, also known as diestrus stage, her signs will subside. You can mark these days on the calendar to determine when your dog is nearing the end of the scale.

The surest way to find out if your dog is out of heat is to get a vaginal cytology. It is done by your vet at their office. This test looks for cytological changes in the heat phases by looking for estrogen concentration in the blood.

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