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Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe From Holiday Hazards

Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe From Holiday Hazards

Believe it or not, holidays and pets are not a great match.

With the décor, all up and glowing, one couldn’t wait to welcome the guests and celebrate the joyful occasions. At the same time, the constant stress of your pet stuck in a vase or snacking on the freshly baked pie is horrible to handle. The tension of your furry pal getting hurt and the annoyance of finding your efforts gone to waste at the 11th hour is frustrating.
Well, if you have pets and holidays are just around the corner, we strongly recommend you to keep these tips in mind. Good Luck!

Watch Out for HUMANS!

The year 2020 started with depression and remorse as millions of people hit the internet for mental stability. However, when compared to the Coronavirus-spread time, things are getting better now.
So, while you might not be expecting lots of people to join you for the holiday feast, you may have some guests around. But, whether you have one guest or ten, it signals anxiety for your pet. The ringing of doorbells and increased traffic in your otherwise silent room might scare your pet, especially if you have a cat.

Hence, during holidays, keep your pet away from the doors and crowd. Place your pup or cat in a comparatively quiet room with essentials ready. These include food, water bowl, and indoor pot.

Light Attraction

Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe From Holiday Hazards

Who doesn’t love a home glimmering and glowing with those colorful lights? It makes the house appear so bright and joyful.

But, remember, your pet may feel attracted to these lights. Thus, encouraging it to play with it. Some pets may play with the cords alone, which can be even more dangerous.

The lights and electrical wires may cause a serious injury, including shocks from chewing the cords. Hence, when putting up décor on the house, ensure cords and wires are in an organizer. Ensure that your pet cannot reach potential dangerous areas and take regular preventive maintenance measures to prevent any electrical wiring failure before it occurs.

Too Much Décor? Not Good.

Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe From Holiday Hazards

Similar to the lights, another issue is the decoration itself. Sometimes, the overwhelmingly curious nature of the pet allows him to do naughty actions. For example, pulling down the tablecloth or messing up the decorations on the Christmas tree.

If the ornaments on the tree or other places are delicate, the complete decoration might get ruined. Let’s not forget the scenario of your pet choking on a small décor item. You see, the pet is at high risk of damage when playing with decorations alone.

Hence, we recommend you not to put delicate décor within the accessibility of the pet. In case you do, ensure it is sturdy and durable. It might get scratched during the plays. Also, distract this newly-found attraction with new toys and activities for your pet.

Food Troubles

Don’t consider yourself alone when eyeing those aromatic and delicious baked goods at holiday dinners. Your pet is probably eyeing those foods too, especially the ones left in the kitchen.
Although it might be negligible for you, the unbaked doughs laying on the counter can tempt pets into taking a bite or two. Do not let this happen! Uncooked products with yeast can rise in your pet’s body, causing organ rupture and respiratory damages.

Moreover, the alcohol and drinks stocked on the table can prove to be dangerous if ingested by your pets. Did you know only an ounce of alcohol can be fatal for cats?! Never let your pets have any other food except for the one prescribed by the vet.

If your dog is feeling extra hungry due to all the prepared foods, you can give it dog treats as a holiday feast. These are an effective and healthy way to reward your pet.

Be Careful!

Holidays are the time of the year when one feels relieved and joyful. It does not matter which occasion is on its way. From Easter to Christmas, every event marks holidays. The days when you can quit the hectic urban life, dress nicely, eat, and spend quality time with beloved ones.

But, the time should be enjoyable for both you and the pets. While this time may be exciting for you, it can be stressful for your pet. Hence, you must take the initiatives to reduce his anxiety and make him feel happy.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned above might prove to be effective these holidays and will keep your pet safe. In case you have any recommendations for this articulation, let us know. We will be glad to know and update you. Have a great time.

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