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Keep your Pets Protected this Easter

Keep your Pets Protected this Easter

1. Sweet treats

As the Easter approaches, sweets such as chocolates and toffees are found all around the house. This may satisfy your sweet tooth but it can be super hazardous for your dogs or cats as chocolates contain this stimulant which is called theobromine, a sort of caffeine, this substance is poisonous for dogs. Hence the darker the chocolate the more theobromine it contains, and so keep your pets away from sweet treats.

2. Flowers

As spring is around the corner, new pleasing flowers are blooming, the not so scorching sun accompanied by scented nature is pleasing to your pets, and outdoor is pleasing to them, but be vary of the poisonous plants such as lilies azaleas and daffodils, as on the consumptions of these plants, severe consequences can occur. Some of which are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and lethargy or even worst such as tremors and convulsions. As soon as you notice your pets acting up differently than usual after an outdoor run then make sure to rush to the vet as soon as possible.

3. Met aldehyde

Often when you use pesticides or slugs and snail pellets in your garden, a compound called met aldehyde which is in them is spread across the gardens. This substance is extremely dangerous as even if small compound of this is consumed by your pets, then it can cause severe muscle spasm, tremors and if left untreated can also lead to death. So, avoid the usage of any such substance in your garden, if you are letting your pets out there in the spring time.

4. Ivy and Long grass

Consumption of Ivy is done mainly by dogs and on contact it can cause skin irritations, conjunctivitis or rashes, and Ivy produced in Asia and North America is also poisonous. Hence stay cautious. When cats eat long grasses, grass blades are likely to stick in their nose or mouth or throat, which can cause breathing problems, coughing, loss of appetite.

5. Barbecues

Cats and Dogs like to sniff around and poke into everything. Hence as Easter is around the corner, festive and barbecues are a must, but be cautious as alcohol and kebab skewers are dangerous and if your pets run over it then I can hurt them as well as kindle fire if alcohol meets fire.

6. Allergic reactions

Pets often develop allergies to pollens, grasses, plants, this can be seen normally in form of hair problems, inflamed skin, or irritation in ears, some pets might become cranky or have watery eyes due to irritations. Hence make sure to take your pet to a vet, if you observe such a pattern of symptoms.

7. Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are everywhere and, on every corner, but with your pets running around the house, it can be a hassle to take care. If you leave your eggs unguarded, it is likely that your pets might run over them making a mess, and hurting themselves.

8. Stings by insects

As spring time approaches, bees and wasps are wandering around often. So if your pet is the target of a bee sting, no need to worry much, you can treat it by bathing the area with bicarbonate of soda, if a wasp stings then use malt vinegar to soothe the area, if there are other complications then contact a veterinary at your earliest.

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