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How to Keep the Dog Smell Away

How to Keep the Dog Smell Away

Do you like challenges? Well riddle-me-this: how do you get rid of that horrible dog smell? Here’s a hint – you don’t remove the dog. Dogs are adorable and wonderful pets. But stinkiness comes with the package!

Of course it’s a good idea to have a cabana installed outside. But if you’re like me and can’t bear the thought of being away from your dog, this is not an option.

Dogs are family after all, and it’s important to realize that they will definitely smell.

But this doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. So fret no more because I’ve brought you some tried and tested tricks to rid you of that dog smell. Here are few for you to try.

1. Vacuum Patrol

Vacuums are a staple cleaning tool when it comes to dogs. Some brands have a pool of corporate people who are full-fledged dog lovers and they get our pain.

So you’re sure to find vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed to do the job. For instance, brands like Dyson and Bissell have a line of products dedicated to pets alone that aim to element odor.

Vacuuming will remove dog hair and debris, which is responsible for the dog smell we all hate. So regular vacuum duty will help to restore your home’s natural essence and keep it smelling breezy.

2. Wash Materials Frequently

If you own a dog, it’s quite normal for them to jump onto your bed and furniture. They’re usually running all over the place, leaving their smell in every material.

That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule a bulk wash every week. This will keep your bedding, pillow covers and clothes smelling fresh and stain free.

It’s also wise to give your dog its own cozy bed. This will stop them from lounging around on the couch.

If you do this, make sure to regularly wash the dog bed, blanket and pillows as well. Since these items are used frequently, they are usually the source of of the wretched smell. Even their chew toys shouldn’t be left out. No stench shall be allowed to pass!

3. Identify Accidents with a Black Light

Usually the dog smell comes from stains and accidents that are left unattended. However it’s not easy to investigate every nook and cranny in your house. In fact, these stains are often also invisible to the naked eye.

So it’s wise to bring out the big guns with these handy ninja tools. Switch of the lights or pull down the drapes to make it as vent black as possible. Then grab a black light and go hunting for the accident. Once you do locate the source of the smell you’ll know where to begin your work.

4. Keep Your Dog Clean

You can’t have a clean home if your dog is dirty. Now, dogs can’t exactly wash themselves. And when they don’t take a bath, they become very stinky. Scheduled baths will help them smell and feel fresh. This is important for your dog’s health as well as your nose’s sanity.

The frequency of showers needed varies with the dog breed. Too much washing can actually strip them off essential oils. Remember to never use human shampoo on your dog. Stores have specially formulated bath products for dogs that you should use.

You can try out baby wipes or cloth washes to get rid of mud and dirt in between baths. You should also keep your dog well-groomed as it makes all the difference. Grooming involves regular dental care, brushing their hair, keeping their nails trimmed and even keeping their ears clean.

5. Invest in a Carpet Cleaner

Carpets usually bear the brunt of all the canine accidents. They’re also more likely to trap the dog smell that makes it unbearable to enter a room. This is why it’s essential to invest in a good carpet cleaner when you own a dog.

These are specifically designed to get rid of pee, poop and vomit stains. A strong enzyme cleaner will be enough to give your carpet a new look. Enzyme cleaners are a chemical compound that is good for breaking down molecules such as starch and protein.

Dog urine is made up of protein. So, one spray on the spot and 30 minutes later you will have the stain and smell removed. Also, consider sprinkling some baking powder over the accident spots. This is guaranteed to make carpets smell fresh.

6. Steam Clean your Carpets

Steam cleaning is the ultimate carpet cleaning method. It’s perfect to reach right through those tiny pores. This is where dander and tiny dirt and debris particles are stuck and hidden.

Steam will melt way these particles and will leave you with a radical change in the way your air smells. However, for first timers, do take time to read the manual and instructions carefully.
This isn’t a method you can do every day, but I would recommend steam cleaning at least once every three months.

7. Get an Air Purifier

While you may have gotten comfy with the way your dog smells, can you really expect your guests to do so when they come to visit you? Most likely no! That’s where an air purifier will come to the rescue.

This magic contraption will get rid of half your doggy smell problems. Air purifiers absorb debris and dander like a filter. This leaves you with smell free, breathable air.

8. Introduce Fragrances and Neutralizers

Air fresheners and sprays are a quick fix when you want to get rid of the doggy smell. Lighting some nice-smelling candles can work well too. But what these products do is mask the smell by adding a new one to the mix.

This isn’t a permanent solution. That’s why you should also consider odor eliminating products and neutralizers. This work better at removing the dog smell completely. They’ve been designed specifically for this purpose and keeps your house smelling the way it should.

9. Open the Windows

When you live in the city, you don’t want dirt, dust, and noise coming in. So windows and doors are usually kept closed. But when you own a dog, you need to let some light and air into shine and refine your home.

Trust me, this is a game changer. It isn’t important to have your window kept open 24/7. 10 minutes daily, with the fans on will be enough. This will let air pass through, restoring your home with cleaner air for the day.

Final Words

A home with dogs is never easy to maintain. Expect to run around and amp up the efforts to ensure optimum sanitation and cleanliness. But owning an adorable and loyal dog is definitely worth all the trouble.

A healthy home requires balance and patience so don’t lose yours while you are trying to do the most with the resources at hand. Although it may take time, you too can own a home that smells great, despite having a dog.

As for your dog make sure to train it well and your life will be a lot easier. The 9 tips I’ve shared have drastically changed my life for the better. So it might help you out as well.
Kudos for your efforts till now and good luck on keeping up the good job!

Author Bio:

Shawn is a content writer at FeedFond. He’s a doting father not only to his two children but also to his two Golden Retrievers. Check out more of his articles at

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