Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Keep Your Dog Cozy during Winter Season

Winters are another synonym for cozy season. This is when you don on layers after layers of clothing, get the heater going, and drink hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows in it. You curl up in front of the TV with your Netflix running, and all is well in the world, till you realize that you also need to take care of your little friend snuggling beside you. Sure some of them might have blankets of fur attached to them, but that does not mean that they are entirely safe.

There are some necessary precautions that you need to take to keep your dogs comfortable during the bitingly cold season.

Get them inside

The first and most important thing you need to do is keep all your dog inside. This is not the time to keep them outside at all unless you want them to get hypothermia. Make sure that you have a coat for them whenever you take them out but try to keep all that to a minimum. When temperatures drop too low, it becomes far too dangerous for your dog to go outside as their skin is not thick enough to handle all of that. When the dogs are inside the house makes sure that you have thick bedding to keep them warm because sometimes even the heater is not able to provide them with enough warmth to keep them safe. Any signs of whining, slowing down, or shivering are your cue to add extra layers to them.

Extra treats, better treats

Your dog is not allowed to go outside, which inevitably means that they will need a little more to stay at home. Getting the best treats for them will certainly go a long way. One innovative gift that you can give your little friend is the Flavorit Bone. This is an amazing innovation to keep your dog occupied all day. In this all you have to do is buy one Flavorit bone, apply a delicious spread that your dog likes and then just let them go at it. Another chew toy that you can give to your dog is a BarkBone. These are made in USA dog chew toys, non-toxic, allergen-free. You can easily give this to your dog without a care in the world.


The one trick to keep the dogs from going outside is to have all their favorite toys set up at home. This means that you go crazy on Pet Qwerks. They have a plethora of toys that your dog will love. They have the coolest toys, some of which are interactive dog toys. Other than that, another fun game for them is the IncrediBubbles. These are actually flavored bubbles and completely safe for pets and kids. They do not pop on contact with the ground and so are best for the pet to play around with.

Paw care

You might think the thicker the fur on the paw the more protected your dog is. WRONG. The truth is that you will have to make sure to trim the hair on the paw so that it does not give way to ice buildup. If ice gets retained in the hair, it will result in your dog getting frostbite.

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