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How to Keep Your Dog’s Breath Fresh

One of the most difficult part of being a dog parent is the often unpleasant breath of our babies. Even the cutest, happiest, and most fun dog in the world could become relatively unenjoyable to be around, should a big cloud of his or her bad-smelling breath be encountered! Seriously, smelly dog’s breath is so bad that steps should be taken to avoid it becoming a problem for you and your pup.

keep dog breath fresh

What’s even better is that these preventive steps will also work to assure the long-term dental health of your dog—and given the prominence of dental issues within canines, especially later in life, this is notable.

Let’s take a look at some simple and effective steps that you can take to keep your dog’s breath fresh!

Brush His or Her Teeth

Basic, straightforward, and certainly effective, brushing your dog’s teeth is a great way to keep his or her breath fresh and mouth healthy.

To start, you should purchase the appropriate brushes and products that will be used in the brushing process (no, a toothbrush and toothpaste made for humans won’t work!). This includes a specially designed dog toothbrush (available online and in most pet stores), specifically manufactured toothpaste and latex gloves.

By following the instructions on the packaging and making use of online guides for additional support, you should gently apply the toothpaste to your dog’s teeth once per month or as needed, based upon the quality of breath (while wearing gloves, preferably). If at any point your dog looks very uncomfortable (unfortunately, the process will never be comfortable), it’s best to stop immediately and resume the brushing at a later point. And be sure to rinse thoroughly!

Use a Water Additive Product

There are a number of perfectly healthy and easy-to-use water additives that your dog’s breath—and mouth health—will benefit from.

Like dog toothbrushes, these products can be purchased online and in most pet stores. Essentially, to benefit from water additives, you simply calculate how much of the formula should be used at once (based upon your dog’s weight and the on-package instructions) and add it to his or her water. The product will then work to improve your pup’s breath and assure that the healthiest possible teeth and gums are boasted, as the water is enjoyed. These are great products that can boost your pup’s overall oral health and should be provided to all dogs, not just those who currently suffer from bad breath.

Introduce Him or Her to a Chew Toy

Chew toys—those specifically designed to improve the health of a dog’s mouth—are fun, affordable, and long-term solutions to bad breath.

keep dog breath fresh

Able to be purchased most anywhere that carries dog products, these specifically labeled dog toys are just as fun and interesting as regular products, but obviously, they will greatly enhance the quality of any pup’s teeth, gums, and breath—both immediately and over time.

These solutions are sure to spare you from the pain of dealing with bad dog breath, and also, to enhance the quality of your canine companion’s mouth, and more broadly, his or her quality of life.

Good luck, and remember that consistency is important when it comes to keeping your dog’s breath fresh!

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