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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Interesting Facts about Cats

Figuring out dogs is very easy. All you need are Indestructible Dog Toys and they will be yours forever. Loyal to the very end. The feline psychology is a bit more complicated than that. That’s why the more you know about your cat, the better you’d be able to understand them.



Below, we have gathered a few interesting facts about cats. So, put down the Fun Dog Toys and start reading:

1. Cats are immune to the effect of seawater

That’s right; a cat won’t die of dehydration just because it got stranded at sea! Unlike us, their super kidneys are completely capable of filtering out the excess salt from the seawater, and then use the water content for hydration.

2. Cats had a hand in bringing about the Black Death

During the era of the Spanish Inquisition, cats were seen as symbols of magic. The then-Pope Innocent VIII decreed the poor felines to be evil. As a result, many of his followers burned any cat they got their hands on. Nature took its course when the absence of predators led to the multiplication of rats. When the Black Death paid a visit, the large rat population helped spread it around.

3. It is all in the eyes

Known as the tapetum lucidum, the reflective layer found in your cat’s eyes is why they can see so well in low light conditions – almost 6 times better than you can! Since eyes are vital to cat survival, they have additional protection in the form of a third eyelid or nictitating membrane. It is located on the inside corner and protects the eye. Nictitating membranes are also found in dogs.

4. Or the nose…or their paws…

Okay, so they are nature’s hunters, which is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that cats have an acute sense of touch. Enhancing it are the long whiskers – including the ones that protrude from their bodies! Besides great eyesight and a heightened sense of touch, cats have a sense of smell that is fourteen times as strong as ours is. Even though our hearing ranges match, cats take the cake there too since they can hear higher-pitched sounds better than we do.

5. Your cat could be the reason you are such a good storyteller…and have insurance

Funnily enough, research shows that dog owners are less practical and logical than people who own cats. So, your cat could be behind the many reasonable decisions you make! Ha! Another thing that might surprise you is unlike dog owners, owners of cats are more introverted. They are also much more likely to tell a story than a dog owner is!

Much more complex than just purchasing Unique Dog Toys, right? Cats might be complicated, but we hope these facts helped bring you closer to yours!


Cute Photo by @junethekitty

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