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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Incredibubbles: The Perfect Toy for Your Dog

You likely use the same dog toys as everyone else. A few balls to throw around, maybe a Frisbee, a couple nylon dog chew toys, and some squeaky toys. But, if you’re looking for something different to play with with your dog, there’s one toy that you might not have heard of before: Incredibubbles. Here’s what makes this product perfect for you and your canine friend.

Dog plays with bubble

They Already Love It

Most dogs already love to play with bubbles. They’ll chase them down, jump and snap at the bubbles, and have an all-around blast for an entire afternoon if you let them. Incredibubbles are just as exciting to your dogs, because they still work the same way, but they’re especially created for your dog’s enjoyment.

Tasty Flavor

When your dog catches a regular bubble, do you sometimes see him make a weird face? He might shake his head or stick his tongue out a few times. That’s because regular bubbles taste just as you’d expect them to–like soap–and that’s not a great flavor. But of course, your dog isn’t going to let that stop him from having his fun. So, why not give him a more enjoyable flavor when he catches those enticing bubbles? Incredibubbles have a peanut butter flavor, so catching the bubbles will actually be an enjoyable experience for your pup.

More Durable

As much fun as your dog may have trying to catch the bubbles out of the air, it does take some precision to catch one every time, and not all dogs have that kind of coordination (bless their hearts). Incredibbubles are more durable than standard bubbles, so they don’t always pop when they hit the ground. This allows slightly less acrobatic dogs the opportunity to chase, pounce on, and push around those tasty bubbles before they finally pop, giving them a longer-lasting, more enjoyable way to play.

So, if you’re looking for a new toy for your dog, consider Incredibubbles doggy toys.

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