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Incredible Tips on How to Take Care of French Bulldogs

Incredible Tips on How to Take Care of French Bulldogs

When it comes to bringing a French bulldog to your home, you require preparing yourself emotionally, financially, physically, and mentally. It would help if you were extremely careful right from the moment you bring it in your home. French bulldog puppies are quite short, humble, adorable, and loving. They can be your kid’s best canine friends and are fine to stay in apartments. They demand complete care to help them grow up to be obedient and great socializing animals. From grooming to feeding, from exercising to training, you need the full time to spend and look after your Frenchie.

About French Bulldogs

French bulldogs are a slightly smaller version of their cousin English bulldogs and have bat ears and wrinkled face. They are short, hefty, and can weigh up to 28 pounds only. When you go to buy French bulldogs, you will see they are available in a plethora of colors, including fawn, black, white, cream, blue, etc.

Frenchies would love nothing more than to curl up their favorite human, but their roots can make them excellent watchdogs too. They are enough to save their family and home in case of adverse situations; however, they are family dogs and rarely bark. Frenchies bark when they need attention from you.

French bulldogs also love cuddles and are not suitable for homeowners who need an outside dog. They have short snouts, and most of them often have respiratory issues, and hence they are not ideal for swimming and air flights. Due to many such reasons, this breed demands more care than other dogs.

Tips to take care of your French Bulldogs

Incredible Tips on How to Take Care of French Bulldogs

  • Grooming Face and Body
    You can’t resist giving your Frenchie a pat on the head or scratch behind those soft bat ears. Their faces are flat and have many wrinkles that require extra care while grooming. Make sure to wipe off the dirt from all the folds with a damp cloth or alcohol-free baby wipe once in a week. If you take your pups for a walk outside, wipe them after returning to avoid dirt buildup in folds and dry their faces to prevent moisture from soaking.
  • Exercising and Fitness
    Frenchies don’t require a lot of exercise; however, they are more prone to overheating and low energy levels. So keep your pup’s weight under control. Take them to short walks, a good play session indoors, and much more to help them stay fit. Beware of taking your Frenchie to walk outside in hot weather.
  • Excess Hot and Cold
    Frenchies are prone to heat exhaustion, so keep a close eye on your canine’s comfort level. Keep them indoors and cool your home with an air conditioner or allow proper airflow inside. To keep the puppy’s body temperature in a safe range, keep cold fresh water for him all the time. Not only heat, but they can also get too cold. Because breathing cold air puts extra strain on their respiratory systems.
  • Food for your Dog
    What you feed your Frenchie is also essential. There is an utmost necessary to understand the nutritional needs of your dog if you want them to stay healthy and strong. French bulldogs require more calories and proteins. But they can put off weight quickly so you can feed them in three to four proportions a day. This will complete their dietary needs and also prevent overeating.
  • Prevention is better
    Either human beings or animals, they all benefit from regular, proper preventive care. In addition to grooming, nutrition, and exercising needs, you should stay up to date on your Frenchie’s vaccinations.
  • Fun and Games
    Your loving Frenchie will feel excellent and cheerful with the new tug toys, teethers, and chewers. Shop toys and items for your dog to play with him indoors and make him think you love your dog a lot.

Watch Out for French Bull Dog Health Issues

The lifespan of a French bulldog is approximately 10 years to 12 years. Regardless of your care and concern towards them, they are still prone to a myriad of health issues, mostly related to eyes, joints, mouth, and their ability to breathe. Most of the problems Frenchies experience include:

  • Allergies: Frenchies may become prone to food allergies, contact allergies, or inhalant allergies. They may develop skin problems that require a special diet for care. Treatments should be given based on the type and seriousness of the allergy.
  • Brachycephalic Syndrome: This condition is developed when a dog experiences difficulty in breathing, and airways are being obstructed. Very often, surgery is recommended involving the widening of the nostrils, etc.
  • Hemivertebrae: This condition is the result of malformation of one or more vertebrae that can put pressure on the spinal cord resulting in pain, weakness, or paralysis. Surgery may be required to treat the problem.
  • Patellar Luxation: This is the problem in the knees of the Frenchies, which can further result in arthritis or bow leggedness. Highly severe cases require surgery.

Your flat face dogs are at a higher risk when performing surgery as they are more sensitive to anesthesia. Hence they should only be put under anesthesia when necessary.

Choose a Healthy Puppy

Nobody can assure that your dog will grow up without any health ailments, those aiming to buy French bulldogs should always look for an authorized breeder who can offer health clearances for puppies. Health clearance acts as proof that a dog has been tested and does not suffer from any health issues.

To Wrap Up

As stated earlier, take proper care of your French bulldogs as they have short legs, snouts, and not so good respiratory systems. They are loving, adorable, and soft creatures. If you find any of the issues, take them to the vet at earlier signs to prevent further consequences.

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