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How to Travel With a Dog on a Plane

Dogs aren’t merely pets; they’re a part of the family, so naturally, we want to take them along with us when we travel. Maybe you couldn’t find a sitter, don’t want to keep them in a kennel for a long time, or you just can’t imagine the trip without your furry friend.

However, you’ve heard about the horror stories of dogs going on planes and not making it to the destination. We understand this worry and are going to give you tips on how to travel with your canine on a flight.

Use the Correct Carrier

When you want to fly with your pup, there are requirements for the type of carrier you use. Read this blog content from Furry Friends Gear to better understand the best one for them.

The carrier also has to be TSA-approved and can fit under the plane seat in front of you. Once you know which airline you’re taking, you should call and ask about the dimensions of their seats.

Understand the Limits

A standard rule with most airlines is that the dogs on board have to be a specific size or smaller. Typically the limit is 20 pounds, but you’ll need to check with the airline.

Any pups that are larger than that are going to have to go down with cargo, which can be risky for your dog’s safety.

How to Travel With a Dog on a Plane


Register and Fill Out Paperwork

In most cases, you can’t just show up to the boarding counter with your dog; you have to inform the airline beforehand. Once you’ve confirmed your trip and know your furry friend is coming on for the journey, you need to register your dog.

Some airlines only allow a specific number of dogs on board at once, so it’s essential to do this as soon as possible to avoid any problems. The airline might require you to fill out paperwork and provide up to date medical records of your dog to board.

Call the airline 48 hours before your trip to make sure you have everything organized and set up, so when it comes to the travel day, everything is smooth.

Counts as a Carry-On

Depending on the company, many times, your dog carrier counts as one of your carry-on bags. That means the carrier must follow the regulations for size and weight to take in the cabin without any fees or restrictions.

You’ll need to consider this when packing and think about adding on any extra baggage for your trip.

Age Restrictions

Some airlines have restrictions about the age of your dog and if they can travel. It’s usually a restriction for young puppies. If you’re going on a plane to bring your new pup home, it is vital to know.

Usually, canines 16 weeks or younger cannot fly with their owners; however, you need to check the airline’s specifics. You might need to wait until your dog is old enough to travel by plane before picking them up.

How to Travel With a Dog on a Plane


Remember Dog Supplies

The day before you travel, you might be stressed about having everything you need for your trip. When you’re going with your furry friend, you’ll need to remember their supplies too.

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