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How To Take Care Of Your Pet During Quarantine?

How To Take Care Of Your Pet During Quarantine?

Unpopular opinion, but true – among all of us, our pets are the only ones having a whale of a time during this quarantine. And why won’t they have a good time when they can see and enjoy the company of their owners 24/7?

As of now, researchers confirm that our pets can neither catch the virus, let alone the fact worry of them passing the virus to us. As much as our pets are happy to stay at home with us, there can be times when they don’t feel good. What to do at that time? How to take care of your pet during quarantine? Well, read on to know more.

Give them their space.

How To Take Care Of Your Pet During Quarantine?

Your pet won’t walk up to you and say, “Hey, you’re raiding my privacy. Now, I can’t play with my favorite pastime in the house because you’re here all the time, teaching me to be a good boy…!!” Of course, they are frolicking to see you around, but they also have emotions and need their space. So to avoid the discomfort of your pet, make sure you spend an hour or two away from them. Maybe leave them on their own in another room, or on the terrace, or even a balcony. Sometimes, humans also get fed up with the constant company of others, and crave for some ‘me-time’. Then why can’t our pets get some? This quarantine, let’s make it a mandatory habit.

Beat the stress with quality CBD Product

How To Take Care Of Your Pet During Quarantine?

If your pet sees you under the stress of a proliferating pandemic, then it’s going to create a negative impact on their mind too. The anxiety and stress can catch up to your pet, and make them feel really low and uncheerful. Do you know what is CBD? Introduce CBD to your pet. Research proves that CBD is quite helpful in providing relief from stress and anxiety. Along with this, it’s a good promoter of a healthy sleep routine. All this adds up to your pet’s mental and physical health.

Not to forget, you can take care of your pet only if you take care of yourself. That’s why you can also try CBD products like CBD gummies with multivitamins to fuel you up for harder days ahead. Quality CBD intake may also promote a feel-good attitude throughout the quarantine.

Take care of your pet’s medical needs.

If you have an old dog, or your pet is suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or any other pain, it’s likely that you will not get easy access to a veterinary specialist. In these situations, many people prefer suppressing the pain with OTC pain medicines like Ibuprofen. But do you know that these OTC medicines could have harmful effects on your pet’s health? Probably not. That’s why you should use home remedies for comforting the pain. Even better, you can give them some CBD for faster recovery. CBD acts on the cannabinoid receptors inside the body to cure such complications.

While you are looking after your pet’s wellbeing, do not forget yours. Tough times have led to immense stress among people. Getting your dosage of stress busters by growing and smoking sour tangie can be very effective in curbing down the tension levels.

If you are worrying that it will sedate your pet, then don’t. Why? Because it won’t. Pure CBD oil with zero THC or less than 0.3% THC can’t produce psychotic effects.

Simple exercises could go a long way.

Quarantine is all about staying at home, isn’t it? But our pets could get really bored staying at home. They want to stretch their legs, maybe run a little. So try to take them on walks from time to time. Even a few strolls in the backyard would mean heaven for them. If you have a bigger backyard, make sure to play frisbee fetch with them every day. This will not only make them physically fit, but will also promote a happy mood.

Do not take them outside your home for a walk, this will expose you to the virus. If it’s unavoidable and you don’t have a backyard, terrace, or a verandah, then you’ll have no option but go outside. But still, when you go, follow all the precautions religiously. Don’t touch your face with bare hands, and instantly wash your hands when you come back.

You’re binging your favorite show, what’s your dog doing?

Did any of you think about this before? Why not? Again, because they can’t complain. Well, there are several TV channels dedicated to our furry little friends. These TV networks produce engaging content for dogs. You’ll wonder how? They have scientifically researched what our dogs will like or not, and now they are producing and broadcasting. One such broadcaster is Dog TV.

Prepare a loo.

It is equally important. Before the coronavirus outbreak, you took your dog outdoors for a walk, and they’ll just answer nature’s call there. But now that the quarantine has confined you to your home, the idea of pee pads in a corner is not so good. That’s why dedicate a corner in your backyard where your pets can defecate without you worrying about collecting the pads and cleaning the place up again and again.

Strict no to overfeeding.

How To Take Care Of Your Pet During Quarantine?

Most of us overeat during stressful times, and we’ll definitely be doing the same this quarantine. That’s not good for us, and we know that. What we don’t know is the fact that it’s also harmful to our pets. Every time we eat something, we treat our furry little friends with the same thing or their own favorite snack, but that’s declining their health.

According to a 2018 survey, more than half of the pet dogs in the USA are obese, which is clearly worrisome. So, love your pets this quarantine, but do not shower your love as overfeeding.

DIY haircuts for your dogs and cats.

This may sound a little extreme, but you may have to learn to give your pets a decent haircut. Seeing the situation at hand, it won’t be possible to take your pet to an animal parlor because of the infection’s risk. But this means that their fur will overgrow and might not look tidy enough.

Go on the internet, dedicate some time, and learn how to give a haircut to your pet.

Moreover, you can try the haircut first on a soft toy, they are also equally furry.

Let them soak in some breeze and sunlight.

If you have birds or reptiles as your pet, they are probably confined to their compartments. And now they might not see more of the outside. This may cause a nervous breakdown in them, and you won’t even notice. That’s why from time to time, you should place their case in an open place where they can enjoy a sunbath and a good cool breeze. Unlike our dogs and cats, they can’t speak or wag their tails to say that they are happy, but believe us, they will feel great to see the landscape outside.

They love crashing your video conference.

If you are a dedicated pet parent, you might have noticed that your dog or cat loves the limelight and love they get from people on the other side of your devices. They are spoilt brats, aren’t they? But what if you have a super professional work meeting, and you don’t want to break your dog’s heart? Simply do the calling in a room where they can’t easily trace you and the video call. Put Dog TV for your good boy, and then go to another room to start your conference.

Schedule e-visits with your veterinarian.

The quarantine period for all of us might be a long way ahead, and this means the chances of visiting a vet also decreases. So over time, call your veterinarian and request them to schedule a video call every two weeks to see if your pets are doing well. Although the video call will only be a substandard health solution, latch onto everything you get.

Join/create online support groups for pet parents.

If you’re struggling with juggling your pet care schedule, work from home life, and other relationships, you should look for support groups online that continually share their journey for you to take notes from. Even if you don’t learn anything new, you’ll have the moral support of “we are all in this together.”

If you have mastered the trick, then you should start a group or forum online where people can come and share their experiences and ask for help. This is a good way to interact with pet parents across the country.

Don’t do this.

The worst thing to do with your pet during this quarantine is to cast them out of your home because you think that they might give you Covid-19. That’s completely irrational and inhuman. The CDC clearly says that neither your pets can get the virus, nor can they transfer it to you. So please don’t abandon your pets this quarantine.


Above were the top things to do to take good care of your pet in this quarantine. The conclusion is to love your pet as your family member. We know you do, but this time requires more care and extensive planning. Follow these steps logically and process each situation without panicking.

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