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How to Take Care of a Dog When You Work Full-Time

How to Take Care of a Dog When You Work Full-Time

Are you finding being a dog-owner and full-time worker an unresolvable challenge? Well, handling both responsibilities can become a nightmare.

One side of the brain shouts to spend quality time with your precious pup, while one side displays a slideshow of the consequences of leaving your job. Both areas of life are important. But, splitting time between them is difficult, especially when your dog puts on his adorable cute don’t-leave-me face.

Hey, buddy, don’t worry. You don’t need to compromise on any of these things for any of these things. It might temporarily seem like a nightmare, but we have a solution.
When working full-time, try out the following effective tips to keep your furry pal happy and safe!

Make Home a Happy Place

First things first, you need to make arrangements for your dog to stay happy at home. It does not matter whether you’re working from home or going to an office. When working full-time, you won’t have sufficient time to take care of the essentials. Keep sufficient food and water ready in the bowls. Also, ensure the indoor potty is available to your pup.

Do not restrict your furry buddy outdoors in case you feel stressed about having to deal with accidents inside the home. Your dog can get stuck in the rain or too much summer heat. Instead, make both indoors and outdoors accessible by installing a doggy-door.

As a responsible owner, an essential aspect of raising your pup into a healthy adult. For this, you need to be vigilant about his mental well-being and maturation. Luckily, while working full-time, you can provide your dog with plenty of mental stimulation toys and puzzles.

Automate Things a Bit

Is your puppy used to several small meals throughout the day? Or, are you worried about him over-feeding? Well, in this case, a little up gradation might help. Automated food and water dispenser can help in feeding over the day.

Also, if the idea of leaving your dog with toys alone still bothers you, then you can upgrade to automated toys. For example, the automatic ball thrower that can keep your dog entertained for hours!

Establish a Safe Environment

While sitting on your desk chair in the office, one thing that is haunting your peace of mind would be whether or not your pup is safe. Is he engaging in destructive behavior? Is he stuck outdoors? Is he up to any nuisance?

Safety can be a major obstacle when leaving your dog behind. However, you can easily solve the problem by installing nanny cams or surveillance cameras at your home. So, you can monitor what your dog is doing while working.

Another way to ensure dog safety is to ask a neighbor or dog walker to check in your home after every few hours. Consequently, you can stay updated about the pup’s status and be stress-free.

Find an Animal Pal

If you are willing to go overboard for your pup’s happiness and take another responsibility, an effective method is to get him an animal friend. Adopt another animal to keep him company throughout the day.

However, ensure both the animals are compatible. Do not opt for birds, rats, rabbits, and similar animals because your pup will not enjoy the company much. Instead, get a cat or another pup.
In the case of these animal friends, ensure compatibility with the dog. Remember, not all dog breeds are suitable for each other. It’s better to select pups and cats that have a friendly nature.

Consider Dog-Sitting or Daycare

Perhaps, the most effective method of ensuring your dog is happy and safe at home is to hire a dog-sitter. A professional dog-sitter has the required training to feed, brush, play, and fulfill all the essential chores of your dog. So, you can rest assured when working full-time.

If your dog has a friendly and social nature, then you can also leave him at the Dog Daycare. Several organizations take care of your dogs while their owners are at work. Plus, the pup will enjoy the company of fellow dogs.

Give As Much Time as Possible!

If you can not work from home, turn to other substitutes to give your dog as much time as possible. With the same enthusiasm as day one, spend as much quality time with your dog as possible. Enjoy the fun reunions every time you and your dog see each other again after a hectic day at work!

On weekends and evenings, try not to leave your dog alone. Instead, make plans that include your dog. For example, take them with you when you go socializing. For groceries, pet owners can either get them delivered at their house or take their dogs with them to dog-friendly farmer markets. Remember, little things matter.

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