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How to Stop Excessive Chewing in Dogs

Every dog owner has encountered a problem with chewing at one point in time. Although chewing is part of a dog’s nature, it can be destructive if the pet is chewing on your favorite couch or a new handbag. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to protect your belongings.

If your dog chews things because she is bored, make sure you engage her with exercises to engage her and stop the boredom. Take her for walks and play with her as often as possible. In addition, provide toys such as chew bones, which are specifically designed for dogs to chew on. Add a healthy treat in the toy and make sure the toy dispenses the treat only after the dog has worked hard to get it. This way your pet will stay engaged for hours, and will be interested in the toy as her hunting instincts kick in.

For puppies, freeze a chew toy or a washcloth and offer it to her. The cold toy should soothe the aching gums and keep her from chewing your things.

How to Stop Excessive Chewing in Dogs1

It also helps to keep things out of the dog’s reach if you notice she has a habit of chewing everything. I had a dog who was obsessed with white mats especially at night. She would leave all the other mats alone, but the white ones were in trouble. If we left the dog in a room with a white mat we would find the room a mess in the morning and the mat gone. To solve such a problem keep things out of your pet’s reach. Keep your shoes far from the dog’s reach or you might wake up, like me, to find one of your kid’s school shoe chewed exactly on the day you have woken up late.

How to Stop Excessive Chewing in Dogs2

Some dogs chew things they shouldn’t when they don’t get a balanced diet. Make sure you provide your pet with a diet appropriate for her age, weight, and gender. This way, you minimize the possibility of the dog finding alternatives in things that have no nutritional value.

How to Stop Excessive Chewing in Dogs

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