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How to Remove the Odor of Dog Urine from Carpets

When your little puppy has just started their pee training journey or even your adult dog is not feeling well, accidents are likely to happen. Just like cats, dogs can urinate on your carpets when not appropriately trained. Getting rid of the stain and the smell is easier on marble and vinyl flooring. However, carpeted floors are difficult to clean.

Carpets quickly absorb the urine, resulting in a stinky smell that permeates all over the house. Many chemicals and cleaning agents are available in the market, but these products are rarely kid and pet friendly.

Tired of the smell, I rolled up my sleeves and went in search of non-hazardous remedies that will keep my house safe from the unpleasant smell of dog pee. I picked up some excellent tips along the way and would like to share them with you as well.

Let’s begin:

1. Find the Spots

The first step in getting rid of the urine smell is to find where your dog urinated. Sometimes, your pet may pee in front of you, but most of the time, they pee when you are not looking. So you must find the spot – Although carpets readily absorb liquids, they always leave a dark spot, so if you can’t see it by the naked eye, take a flashlight and start looking.

If your dog repeatedly urinates on the carpet, you can buy Dog Urine Flashlight with LED/UV. The gadget highlights urine spots on clothes, rugs, mats, and carpets. Just put the light on the suspected surface, and the ultraviolet light will help in finding the spots difficult to observe from the naked eye.

2. Wipe Immediately

As soon as you find out that your dog has peed the carpet, blot the stain without delay. At this point, many people feel compelled to rub a washcloth on the carpet, don’t! Instead, take some paper towels and gently press down on the carpet, so they soak up as much of the urine as possible. This handy little trick keeps the carpet from absorbing the urine and hence reduces the smell considerably.

Follow the below steps when you suspect pee on the carpet:

  • Grab eight to ten sheets of paper towel
  • Stack them up on the wet portion of the carpet while pressing with your feet
  • Use another 2-3 square pieces of tissue or kitchen towel and press until you make the surface dry.

3. Homemade Cleaning Solution

Once you have spotted the surface and blotted the area, the next target is to get rid of the smell. All you need is white vinegar of good quality. Take a spray bottle and put 50 % of water along with 50% of vinegar. Shake it well, and the solution is ready. Now, follow the steps below:

  • Wear disposable gloves
  • Spray the solution on the spot
  • Leave it for a few seconds, then rub it gently with a soft cloth
  • Be sure that the cloth is white so that it won’t leave any color on the carpet
  • Put 4-5 square paper towels and press gently to get rid of excess water

4. Use Baking Soda

Once you have successfully cleaned the spot with the vinegar solution, apply a good amount of baking soda on it. Cover the area generously with baking soda so that the whole area becomes white. Let it rest for about five minutes and then rub gently with a microfiber washcloth. You can also use a soft brush or an old teeth brush for scrubbing. Keep rubbing for ten minutes so that the area becomes completely dry. It might look a bit messy but do not worry; the next step will clear up the mess.

5. Vacuum the Spot

Now vacuum the spot thoroughly so that it sucks up all the baking soda, and the surface looks neat again.

Tip: Always attach the pet hair removing brush to your vacuum. However, if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can use the blade of a knife. Be careful in using it as sharp blades can leave cuts on your carpet. The blade will help in removing the hardened baking soda. In most cases, your carpet won’t smell any longer after this step. However, if your house is still reeking of urine, you might have missed some spots. Look carefully and repeat the process.

6. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

You can also use hydrogen peroxide solution for getting rid of the smell along with the stains; you may use it as an alternate to the vinegar solution. Here is the recipe of the solution:

  • Mix one teaspoon of liquid soap in a cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Add the solution in the spray bottle
  • Spray this solution on the spot and leave it for ten minutes
  • Rub the surface with a brush
  • Blot up with a paper towel

Tip: When using hydrogen peroxide, always test on a patch at the corner or the part under the furniture. Hydrogen peroxide might affect the fibers of your carpet. Sometimes, it makes the carpet light, which will ruin your beautiful carpet.

7. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Experts recommend that homeowners should have their carpets cleaned professionally once every three months. This is double important for pet owners because carpet cleaning experts can get rid of the urine and feces stuck deep inside the fibers of your carpets. Deep cleaning the carpets not only prolongs the life of your carpet, but it also protects you from harmful bacteria inside the carpet.

Wrapping It Up

In a nutshell, when you act quickly, you can get rid of the urine smell before it starts stinking the entire house. Pee-training is a bit messy and may result in some accidents, and the tips mentioned above can prepare you for taking care of bad odors while your dog learns.

Undoubtedly, dog urine smells bad and is hard to clean, especially when you have carpeted floors in the house. However, if you quickly blot up the area, put some baking soda, rub gently, and then vacuum the surface, all smells will vanish.

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