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How to Make Your Dog Toys Last Longer

Every dog in the world enjoys playing with some sort of toy, and thanks to the outstandingly devoted dog-toy manufacturing companies which populate the modern industry, canine companions have no shortage of innovative products have fun with.

However, despite the variety of dog toys which are available for purchase today, as well as their inherent availability and affordability, it’s still difficult for many owners to keep-up with the toy demands of their furry friends. This is because dogs are always looking to get the most out of their toys—or in other words, they are consistently rough in their handling of the products!

How to Make Your Dog Toys Last Longer

Let’s take a look at some simple-yet-effective tips to make your dog toys last longer, and in turn, help your dog(s) to be happier, your wallet a little bit fuller, and save you a notable amount of time and hassle!

Purchase High-Quality Toys

This point may seem overly obvious to some readers, but nevertheless, it is very helpful in making dog toys last longer.

While the value-friendly pricing of many toys today is so impressive that it’s hard to not make the purchase, the age-old saying, “You get what you pay for” holds true; lower-priced dog toys generally last for a much shorter amount of time than their regularly priced counterparts, and in-turn, aren’t as enjoyable to use.

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That’s not to say that overpriced dog toys are the way to go, either. Rather, purchasing toys which are priced fairly, and are recommended by store owners and/or other customers (through online reviews) is a good idea, and will allow your beloved companion to have a great time with the product for as long as possible.

Walk, Walk, Walk

Walking your dog daily, at the very least, is a great way to make his or her (and your own, in a sense) toys last longer.

Dogs that don’t have the opportunity to walk each and every day, usually for around an hour, will become restless, and have an abundance of energy available; it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this energy will be focused mainly on their toys, which will accordingly become worn—and unusable—in a much shorter period of time than they would have otherwise.

The benefits of walking your pup are wide-ranging, and this commonly overlooked point relating to the longevity of toys is certainly worth considering as well.

Limit Usage Areas

Although use certainly leads to the wear-and-tear of dog toys, what many overlook is that the environment wherein dog toys are played with (and left) also affects their condition.

More specifically, dogs will commonly bring their toys outside with them, and after they are done playing, simply leave them there. The elements—especially moisture—work to lessen the integrity of these toys over a surprisingly short amount of time, and in-turn, they break sooner.


By limiting the usage area of your dog’s toys—whenever applicable, or by purchasing toys which are specifically designed for outdoor use—you’re working to make them last as long as possible.

These tips are sure to help make your dog toys last longer—and help your beloved pet to be as happy as he or she deserves.Good luck!

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