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How to Land a Job That Meets Your Dog’s Needs

How to Land a Job That Meets Your Dog’s Needs

In the United States alone, people have 90 million dogs as pets. They’re called man’s best friend for a reason, and for many who adopt, dogs quickly become an important part of the family. But, most people also have to work. Being a dog owner with a full-time job can create some issues.

For example, dogs tend to need more attention than other pets. They regularly need to be let out or walked, and they need daily exercise. No one wants to have to keep their dog crated all day while they’re at work.

So, how can you land a job that meets your dog’s needs? How can you get a job that either allows you to spend more time at home, or even bring your dog along with you? Let’s cover some of the best jobs for dog owners, and how you can find a career that appeases both you and your four-legged friend.

Remote Working

Working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working was on the rise.

Working remotely has many benefits. It allows you more flexibility, and you can stay at home with your dog on a daily basis. Some studies have even shown that people who work remotely are often more productive. But, you have to be willing to take care of yourself. You can make the most of working remotely by:

  • Developing a daily routine
  • Having the right office equipment at home
  • Staying connected to other co-workers
  • Setting specific working hours

It’s also important to take breaks and get moving throughout the day. Thankfully, that gives you the perfect excuse to go for a walk or throw a ball around with your dog. You will both benefit from your time at home.

If you want to find a remote job, it never hurts to talk to your current employer about your options. Or, you could shift gears and start working in the gig economy as a freelancer/contractor. That allows you to be your own boss, set your own hours, and find a work-life balance that best fits your needs (and the needs of your pooch, of course!).

What Are the Best Jobs for Dog Lovers?

Some of the best jobs for dog lovers involve directly working with animals. You might consider becoming a:

  • Veterinarian
  • Vet tech
  • Dog sitter
  • Dog trainer

In order to land one of these jobs, you’ll need both experience and education. For example, while it can take eight years of advanced schooling to become a veterinarian, being a dog sitter or trainer may not require as much formal education. Instead, you can use your experience with your own pets on your resume to stand out from your competition. Make sure to highlight your skills and keep things concise in order for your potential employer to pay attention to your resume and understand why you’re the best for the job.

In some cases, you may even be able to bring your dog with you when you’re on the clock, like if you’re dog sitting or training another dog. If your furry friend never leaves your side, looking for a job where they can tag along is a great way to make sure they’re never left alone at home.

What to Do if You Have a Full-Time Job

Unfortunately, full-time work is unavoidable for some people. If you have a full-time job and you’re trying to train a new puppy or just keep your dog happy at home, there are some things you can do to keep your dog safe and reduce the chances of them chewing furniture or going to the bathroom in the house.

First, if you are going to be gone for several hours, avoid leaving your dog (especially a puppy) in a crate. Not only will it make them anxious, but it can also make them agitated and more likely to be destructive. Instead, keep them in a spacious room or even a playpen while you’re gone.

If possible, have someone come to your home throughout the day to check on your dog, feed them, and take them for a walk. Making sure they get exercise during the day will keep them “tired” and they won’t be as prone to chewing or making messes. Asking for help is one of the best things you can do when working full-time with a puppy or dog.

If you truly want to find a job that meets your dog’s needs, careers that allow you to bring your dog along or ones that allow you to stay home are your best options. Thankfully, those aren’t as hard to come by as you might think! Don’t be afraid to do your research and follow your passion if you truly want to spend more time with your best companion.

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