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How to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy This Winter

How to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy This Winter

The winter season, covering the lands in white hues, is the most graceful of all. It layers the ground with blankets of fluffy white snow and fills the atmosphere with a relaxing vibe. Fixated around fireplaces, people rejoice this season by consuming steaming cups of caffeinated drinks and creating memories together. On the other hand, drowsiness and sluggishness are commonly-experienced feelings.

Some people combat with runny noses, whereas some struggled to maintain their early morning routine. Well, this chilly time has both positive and negative impacts on us.
Similarly, it also affects our furry pals that are living amongst us. So, while we prepare for this season months earlier by switching the summer floral clothes in the wardrobe with heavy coats and doing a lot of other stuff, we need to prepare for our pets too.

Here are effective ways to keep your furry buddy happy and healthy these winters.

Take them outdoors!

Undeniably, winter is the time of the year when you lay down and love cuddling with your furry buddies. Who doesn’t love to warm up in blankets when the sky outside is stormy and the wind chilly? However, it doesn’t mean you and your pets should spend a chunk of winters lazying around.

Exercise is an essential component of life that keeps on both physically and mentally fit. Whenever the atmosphere outside is reasonable, go for a walk or outdoor games. There is no need to spend as much time as you use in summers.

A 10-minutes’ walk or game would be excellent. You have to ensure your pet is getting regular exercise. In case the weather in your vicinity is worse, you can substitute outdoor activities with indoor games. There are numerous pet games and puzzles.

Ensure Food Nourishment

In winters, both humans and pets have an increased desire for food. We feel hungry more often than we usually do. There are two fundamental reasons behind it.

1) Our body utilizes more energy to keep us warm, and the temperature is maintained.
2) Staying indoors and less activity makes us feel more hungry. However, it does not translate into more food eating.

This practice will only result in increased weight and health concerns. As a human, you should act more responsibly and monitor food quantities. Plus, try giving food to your pets in a puzzle feeder. These innovative gadgets hide the food so that the pet has to work his way to it. Hence, stimulating cognitive skills, enhancing survival instincts, and boosting health. It will also serve the purpose of the exercise. But, to do not give food always in puzzle feeders. Use these gadgets alternatively to maintain your pet’s interests.

Vet Visit in Mandatory!

Before the winter season, do plan a trip to the vet so that he can guide you properly about your pet’s care and diet. Every pet has different requirements, depending on health status. And while some enjoy winters, others may find it challenging. Hence, a vet visit can provide a detailed insight into what your pet requires. During the chilly weather, your pet may contract any health issue, especially if he/she is old.

Aged pets often develop a health problem called arthritis. It is a condition that causes inflammation in joints and difficulty in movement. Signs and symptoms include stiffness, inactivity, discomfort, tenderness, and resting excessively.

While dogs exhibit some symptoms of arthritis, cats often do not. A renowned treatment of this issue is CBD. Several people have treated their pets using CBD oil for cats and CBD dog treats. However, always visit the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Do Not Forget Sensory Enrichment

Your pet’s sensory responses play a key role in keeping them happy and healthy. Their ability to touch, smell, see, hear, and taste backs their ability to feel and perceive things. Hence, positive sensory experiences will bring forth positive feelings and a happy, satisfied state of mind.

To provide your pet with these, you can make use of various interactive toys. For example, you can provide your cat, dogs, and bunnies with stuffed toys, chewing toys, balls to chase, and feathers, etc.

These toys will increase their activity and keep them engaged. Providing them with mood-enhancing equipment such as scratch posts, a comfortable bed, or catnips can also contribute substantially to improving their overall health.

Along the same lines, you can play games like hide-and-seek with your pets. Games like these encourage your pets to use their five senses in detecting your location. Thus providing them with grounds of practice and keeping them active. The use of essential oils and calming music can also improve the mood and overall health of your pet.

With all these tips, you and your pet are surely going to have a great time in the coming chilly winters. If you’ve any advice, let us know. We’ll be glad to know!

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