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How to Deal with Dog Shedding

How to Deal with Dog Shedding

Nearly all dogs lose damaged or old hair by shedding. Although shedding is a normal process for dogs, it can be frustrating for pet owners. The amount of hair shed depends on several factors, such as breed type and health. It may also depend on the season. Many dogs grow thick coats during winter, which are afterward shed in spring. However, dogs often indoors are prone to tiny coat thickness fluctuations and shed all year evenly.

While you can’t prevent a dog from normal shedding, you can minimize the amount of shedding it experiences. Check out the following tips on how to deal with dog shedding.

Bathe Your Dog Frequently

One of the most compelling and easiest ways to reduce the amount of shedding is regularly bathing your dog. Bathing your dog helps to remove matted up and clotted fur. Besides, there are several conditioners and anti-shedding shampoos to choose from.

How frequent you should bathe your dog depends on several factors such as the skin type, the breed, and the lifestyle- if he often spends time outdoors or enjoys rolling in the dirt. However, it’s essential to first confer with your veterinarian as washing your dog much frequently may shred the necessary oil coat and enhance dry, itchy skin.

Brush Your Dog Daily

Another helpful trick to minimize shedding is to brush your dog every day. Brushing helps to remove detached fur before it has an opportunity to rub off and attach to your carpet, furniture, car seat, and every other place in between. The type of brush depends on your dog’s coat type. There are several types of brushes:

Bristle Brush: Best for dogs with longer coats due to its longer and widely spaced bristles.

Wire-Pin Brush: Good for woolly and curly coats with a length ranging from medium to long.

Combs: Massages your dog’s skin and helps to get rid of dead hair from short-haired dogs.

Most pet stores have special brushes for dogs with excessive shedding, and any store owner should be happy and knowledgeable enough to assist you in acquiring the right brush for your dog.

Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For dog owners, a robot vacuum cleaner helps get at balls of hair scattered everywhere. They have powerful brush rolls and suction that will single out messes and hair you cannot even see. As a floor preserver, between cleanings, they save a lot of energy and time. The most effective way to get the most out of your money is to position your robot vacuum cleaner to run automatically.

Like any other gadget, there are various factors you’ll want to consider before purchasing one. For instance, the type of floor in your home, a living space with different carpeting or flooring, will be quite challenging for a robot. In such a case, you will want a model with strong suction power.

You’ll also need to consider noise level, especially since some pets may be sensitive. Some robot vacuums can be loud, whereas other models sound more like a fan.

Charging time and battery life should be considered, as well. Some run for 60 minutes while others run for over two hours.

If you’re not sure what kind of robot vacuum to get then read this Roomba E5 vs E6 comparison that goes over two popular bot vacs in depth.

Include Moisture to Your Dog’s Diet

Dogs without moisture in their diets shed easily because a meal based on dry dog food results in weak fur that detaches easily. Include snacks like carrots, green beans, and melons to your dog’s meal to increase moisture consumption. Other people also add flaxseed oil to their dog’s meal to enhance their coat. However, due to conflicting opinions on this, ensure to consult your veterinarian first.

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