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Sneaky Pooch: How they Steal your Heart and Space

Someone posted in a dog forum that when he was growing up, his dad bought him a dog but the dog was not allowed in the house. By and by, the dog found a way to steal everyone’s heart and move inside the house. The dog was however restricted to the rooms downstairs, but he was not allowed to step inside the living room because they feared he would destroy their couches with scratches and shedding.

How they steal your heart & space

The writer then says he does not know how it happened but the dog was eventually welcome upstairs and even sleeping in their beds. Notice how the writer says he does not know how it happened.

Does this story sound familiar? Have you ever found yourself resolving to only allow your dog certain things in your house only for him to gradually wiggle his way into everything, including your heart and your plate?

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They manage to love their owners so wholeheartedly that only a man with a heart of ice can afford not to respond to that love. And so you find yourself having to share your favorite sofa with your dog, and don’t be surprised when he beats you to the sofa, claims it for himself and refuses to create space for you.

Sneaky Pooch

Because you’re under a love spell, you might find yourself having to move to your least favorite spot to accommodate the furry friend. This might also be the case in your bedroom. Initially, the dog sleeps in his bed at the foot of yours. One morning, you find that he decided to climb onto your bed, and sleep on your cover.

You decide to let it slide because hey, he slept on the cover AND at the foot of the bed not on the pillows. But sooner than you can say “sit” the dog will be sleeping beside you, inside the covers and ON your pillows.

Plus, you’ll like the sleeping arrangement and, like our writer above, you won’t know how it happened. A sneaky pooch stole your heart and your space. That’s what!

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