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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


How to Puppy Proof your Furniture

Keeping dogs in the house may come with a price. Dogs tend to chew furniture merely because either they are anxious, stressed or just bored! It’s hard to monitor your dog all the time to prevent them from doing it and so it’s just better to dog proof it.

1. Use covers
Covering your furniture can prove to be one of the most efficient ways to protect it from your dog. You can use washable blankets, slipcovers or disposable plastic to cover it. It is quite common for your dog to have a favorite relaxing spot. Make sure you cover this area well. Using a blanket makes things much easier as you can just send it away for washing every week rather than going through the hassle of vacuuming every day.

2. Stop them from Chewing
If your dog has a habit of chewing and is attracted to a certain piece of furniture, you can protect it by rubbing unpleasant flavours on it. This includes seasonings or hot sauce. Make sure you don’t apply anything that might turn out to be toxic for your dog. There are also anti-chewing sprays available in the market to keep your dog from chewing furniture.

3. Choose your furniture wisely
It is always smart to choose furniture that works well with pets. You can choose something made out of leather or microfibers. Leather is easy to clean and microfibers are long lasting. Another reason why you should use leather is that dog hair don’t get stuck in it, increasing the general hygienic conditions. It is also known to be more odor resistant. Microfibers on the hand do not stain easily.

4. Train your dog well
It is very important for you to groom your dog well. Bathing, feeding and teaching them to void at regular intervals not only helps you stay away from the mess but also makes maintenance and management easy. Knowing your dog’s schedule will help you save your furniture from getting spoilt again and again.

5. Shedding
If your dog sheds excessively, make sure you bathe and brush them regularly. There are deshedding tools available including furminator and vaccums that can come in handy. You can also color code your furniture with your dog. That way, extra hair won’t stand and will at least you allow enough time to clean over the weekend.

6. Make them scratch somewhere else
In order to satisfy your dog’s scratching instincts and prevent your furniture from getting damaged, provide them with a scratcher to keep them busy. Keep it near the piece of furniture they usually scratch. When your dog is done scratching, reward them with treats to encourage.

7. Cleaning messy paws
Keep a basket of extra towels next to the door so that when you and your pet come in from outside, you can quickly wipe dirt off of their paws. Also keep a washable rug at the entrance to prevent your dog from taking in dirty paws and ruining the rest of the floor and furniture.


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