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How Often Should I Deworm My Dog?

How Often Should I Deworm My Dog?

Worm Infestation in Dogs

Dogs can pick up worms while licking or gobbling on anything that comes their way. As a responsible dog owner, it is your responsibility to deworm them and keep them parasite-free. Being an ideal host to a number of parasites and worms, dogs can easily get infected, unless treated on time.

Intestinal worms are not only capable of posing serious health issues for your dogs, but can also severely affect the health of other family members. They are a common threat that requires quick and effective treatment.

When Should You Deworm Your Dog

Puppies born with worms, which they have contacted through their infected mothers, are recommended to get their first deworming treatment when they are about 3 weeks old.

They should further be dewormed every two weeks until they have attained the age of 12.

After this, they should be dewormed every month until they have reached 6 months of age.

Dogs beyond the age of 6 months should be treated every three months.

Barring these routinely deworming treatments, you must immediately get your dogs dewormed if they show any of the following symptoms:

  • They lose their appetite and face a significant drop in their weight.
  • They suffer through severe skin irritation and rashes following which they lose the shine and luster on their coat.
  • Dogs, having a lack of nutrients in their body due to the worms, tend to have stunted growth.
  • Their digestive system is compromised resulting in frequent vomiting and throwing up sessions.
  • They have acute abdominal pain and visible swelling of the stomach.
  • They continuously scratch their rear ends to find relief from itching due to the worms.
  • Diarrhea along with excessive bleeding.
  • Mentally, they aren’t at their best. It can lead to the condition of depression and affect the overall appearance of the dog, making them look weak and frail.
  • You will detect worms in their feces or in the food they throw up.
  • They have difficulty in breathing and cough regularly with frequent bleedings.

How Should You Deworm Your Dog

There are several ways of deworming your dog. The sooner you do it, the better and healthier your dog feels. Worms like roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms, heartworms, and hookworms inhabit the intestines, so it is important to get your dogs examined first by a professional vet.

According to the threat the worms have on your dog’s system, they will administer appropriate treatment. Usually, a spot-on treatment of a drug, namely “broad spectrum”, is given to them by vets. Based on the worming treatment, they may also be prescribed certain chewable tablets.

In a few cases, oral anti-parasitics are used as part of the deworming procedure. To ensure the effectiveness of the procedure, these doses must be positively administered to the dogs after a span of every 15 days.

Owners must also make certain of the prescribed medicines being properly swallowed and assimilated by their dogs. Dogs tend to spit out tablets and medicines with bitter flavors that are not to their liking.


When you have a set, routine deworming treatment for your dog, you protect them from deadly germs, worms, and parasites.

Establish a healthy lifestyle for them. Keep their diet nutritive, healthy, and full of all the essential supplements. Disinfect every object they may encounter through their noses or mouths. Keep their dog toys, crates, leashes, water bowls, and other pet toys and objects clean and hygienic.

It is imperative that you must regularly monitor the health of your dogs. If any of the signs they show concern you, reach out to their vet immediately.

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