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Holiday Pet Dangers – Safety Tips

So, how can you prepare for a holiday with your dog? The following are ten common sense, easy to follow tips you can easily incorporate in your holiday plan so that you can ensure maximum safety for your pet.

1. Secure, cover or hide electronics and electrical cords

Decorations and holiday lights mostly lead up to the scattering of new wires around the household. Ensure all cables are out of reach from your pets or taped down safely so that they do not trip on them or chew on it. They can also experience an electric shock that can prove to be lethal.

2. Keep holiday foods out of a pet’s reach

Whenever you go out for a holiday, delicious desserts, food, and drinks always end up inspiring you. But remember to keep all that out of reach of your dog. Be careful not to feed your dog with chocolate or alcohol as it can cause them to have an upset stomach or nausea.

3. Keep the daily routine of your pet consistent

Holidays are filled with several parties and various activities that often tend to change our daily routines. Try keeping your pet on a routine as they have a problem adapting to a new routine.

4. Avoid lights, long strings or décor in areas accessible to pets.

Pets can easily mistake a string of lights as toys. Unfortunately, this could lead to various accidents like choking.

5. Carefully watch candles.

Lighting scented candles are an ideal way to awaken the holiday spirit. However, ensure that all fires and flames are kept away from pets. Your dog may get curious when he sees a lit flame that might lead him to unintentionally knocking the candle over.

6. Be careful with holiday plants.

Several holiday plants prove to be dangerous for your dog. Common items such as mistletoe, holly, lilies, and poinsettias can be poisonous to your dog. Some of the plants affect different breeds and animals in exceptional ways. Make sure to investigate how your dog is affected by different kinds of plant species.

7. Update ID tags and vaccinations

Make sure the ID tags of your dog include your contact information and current address. This should be routinely checked and done all year-round, but it is essential during holidays as all of us usually have several guests in our home. Guests are not always acquainted with the pet rules and could present chances where your pet may escape the house.

8. Create a haven for your pets.

Some dogs have a room or an area where they feel harmless. This is particularly important for the security of your pet during the holidays when there are several strangers around, as well as lots of loud noises. Pets need an area where they can retreat to if they are overwhelmed or scared.

9. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers for your pet.

Make sure you always have the contact information for your dog’s veterinarian, a 24-hour pet hospital, and the Animal Poison Control Center easily accessible.

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