Helping a Choking Dog

Helping a Choking Dog

Some dogs are fond of chewing and scarfing down almost anything. Due to this, something can become lodged or stuck in its windpipe leading to choking. When your furry friend is experiencing a life-threatening airway obstruction, you need to remain calm but act quickly.

Various other symptoms, such as coughing, gagging, reverse sneezing, and vomiting, can be mistaken for choking. If your dog can engage in any normal activities or interactions, the chances are that it is not choking.

Symptoms of choking include discoloured gums or tongue, anxiety, panic, or loss of consciousness. If your dog starts to panic and is pawing at its mouth, it’s a clear sign that the dog needs immediate attention.

Why does a Dog Choke?

Choking is a common emergency in dogs. It is generally caused by a foreign object getting stuck in the throat or by any object getting wrapped tightly around the neck. Choking can be life-threatening for your pet, so it’s necessary that you take quick action or call the vet.

How to Know if the Dog is Choking?

Quick action is essential when you notice your dog choking. Some of the signs that will help you know that your dog is choking include extreme distress, lots of drooling, pawing at the mouth, and making choking sounds.

Your dog may also rub its face along the ground, gag, and retch. If the stuck object is also causing breathing issues to the dog, you may even notice coughing and blue colored skin, and mucous membranes. This can also lead to collapsing.

How to Help a Choking Dog?

It is very important that you act immediately when you notice your dog choking, especially if there is a breathing obstruction or constant gagging. When your dog is choking, you must follow these steps.

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