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Help! Just How Many Hours Should My Dog Sleep?

Help! Just How Many Hours Should My Dog Sleep?


Everyone knows that cats sleep all day, but dogs are supposed to be the picture of energy. When you think of owning a dog, you think of playing fetch and having to run along with them in the park. In fact, you may even be shocked to find out how much your dog lazes around after you bring him into your home.

For new dog owners and curious older ones, you may be wondering just how healthy your dog sleeping habits actually are. So how many hours a day do dogs sleep and just how much sleep do they need to be at their best?

Average Sleeping Time

To find out how many hours a day dogs sleep, first we need to look at some key factors. There are a lot of variables that go into figuring out the healthy sleeping pattern of your dog. These variables include age, breed, health, and exercise levels.

Let’s first take a look at how age factors into the sleep of your pet. Each of these age groups tends to sleep different hours:


Due to the fact that puppies are so energetic while they are awake, they need more time to sleep. You may find that your puppy can sleep up to 20 hours a day in some cases. This is completely normal and part of their growing process as developing dogs.


Adult dogs are prone to sleep between 12 to 14 hours on average. This of course varies by things such as their breed and diet. Most veterinarians note that healthy dogs are only active about 50% of the day.


Senior dogs are going to rest more the older they get. Most senior dogs will sleep upwards of 14 hours and sometimes even more. They do this to conserve energy for when they need it most.

Also note, that the younger a puppy is, the more likely they are to hit that 20 hour sleeping mark. The same goes for older dogs who are past 10 years of age, the older they are, the more they will want to sleep.

What Can Affect The Average Sleep Pattern?

Now that we know the average sleep amount per age, let’s check out some other factors that may be affecting your dog’s sleeping habits. The following categories can add or lessen how many hours a day your dogs sleep:


The diet of your dog is what gives him the calories his body needs to make energy. If your dog is eating a low grade food or lots of table scraps, it can slow him down. Cheaper dog foods brands can contribute to this by not giving him all the nutrients his body needs to create a full day’s worth of energy.


A dog that doesn’t regularly exercise may get bored and end up sleeping more than normal. Not getting out enough, especially in working class dogs, can lead to depression. In turn, the depression can lead to mental strain that makes your dog run out of energy faster than normal.


Different dogs were bred for different jobs originally. Naturally, some breeds of dogs are going to have more energy than others. You will notice that whenever you look up information about dog breeds that they will always have an activity rating.


If your dog has recently become sick then they will sleep a lot more. This also goes for dogs who are pregnant or who have recently injured themselves.

If your dog seems to be having trouble sleeping try adding calming chews to their food. Orthopedic beds can also help with older dogs that suffer from joint pain. There are plenty of products on the market such as those linked that can help your dog rest easier!

*Remember to check with your vet to see if your dog’s food and eating habits are a proper diet. Also, keep in mind that larger breeds of dogs tend to be lazier than smaller breeds. The same goes for any dog in the working class group, working class dogs are bred to work longer but will require more food.

Unusual Napping

If you notice any unusual sleep patterns, whether it’s sleeping to much or to little, contact your vet. Sleep changes can be one of the easiest ways to tell if your pet isn’t feeling well. If your dog is new to the environment, be sure to give them up to two weeks to properly adjust.

Resting Easy

Once you put all this together and look up your breeds average sleep time, you will know how many hours a day your dog sleeps. A properly balanced adult dog should be sleeping no more than 14 hours a day. The truth is dogs sleep more than movies and TV will lead you to believe, it’s totally natural though!

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