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Healthy Ways to Fatten up a Dog

Healthy Ways to Fatten up a Dog

1. Good quality dog food

The kind of food you feed your dog is extremely important for your dog’s overall health. Feeding them high quality food will help them gain body fat and acquire essential nutrition. It is important to feed your dog food with good nutritional value to help them gain healthy weight. Poor quality dog food doesn’t include minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber to help a dog receive the right amount of nutrients. Oftentimes, artificial fillers are used as a cost effective way to provide bulk to the dog food since it is cheaper as compared to natural ingredients.

2. Feeding schedule

Be sure to maintain a feeding schedule for your dog. Divide their food over 3 to 4 meals throughout the day. This will not only help them digest food easily but will also time their potty breaks. You can also try to feed them every hour but don’t let them go without food for more than four to six hours. Smaller portions allow them to digest food faster, making their metabolism fast as well. A regular schedule will also allow you to keep track of the amount of food your dog consumes. Keep in mind that your dog is different and may or may not like a certain kind of food. So you might have to feed them in different forms or at different times.

3. Special treats

Dogs love special treats. It is important to not over feed them with treats; otherwise, it may end up upsetting their stomach and raising other health concerns. Introducing treats gradually in their diet will also allow them to get used to them over time. Creating a healthy balance in their diet. Some high calorie snacks include: cottage cheese, tuna, chicken, liver, pumpkin and raw meat.

4. Supplements

Supplements play an important role in enhancing your dog’s diet. You should refer to your vet before introducing supplements into your dog’s diet. An excessive amount of vitamins and minerals can turn out to be toxic for their system. Some of the symptoms include being dehydration, joint pain and diarrhea.

5. Exercise

This may seem odd to you especially when you are trying to put some weight on your dog. Underweight dogs need to exercise to build muscle and increase their appetite. Make sure you introduce exercise in their daily routine and feed them ample amount of food when they are hungry. Make the whole experience fun, where they are allowed to run or play easy games. Make sure they don’t get injured since they are more prone to getting hurt.

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