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The Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

We all know how rewarding and awesome is to own a pet, especially a dog. All of us are deeply attached to our little friends, because they gradually become just like legitimate family members. While there is a lot of responsibility and dedication needed when owning a dog, there are also numerous benefits to it. You might think of the joy of having a loving, sincere, and loyal friend by your side, but actually, the positive effects of owning a dog go even further. Studies show that the health benefits of having a dog are numerous! In this article, we will explore the benefits of owning a dog.

You can live a longer life

Yes, we were amazed when we discovered this, too! Recent studies show that dog owners live longer. The research was conducted in Sweden, and the study discovered that people who live with a dog have a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease and other health complications. There could be numerous explanations for that, such as the fact that pet owners are more physically active, they get psychological support from their little friend, and owning a dog can help lower blood pressure. However, we think these are just the cool side effects of having a furry and cuddly best friend with you at all times.

No allergies or asthma!

Another study on the effect dogs have on children, particularly when they grow up having a dog around, says that their asthma and allergy-related problems decrease. Apparently, one of the health benefits of owning a dog is an improved immune system, which helps to fight a variety of deceases. So, if you are in the middle of a long-going argument with your housemates, parents, or a spouse, you know what to say now to convince them to finally get a dog!
More stress-resistance

Dogs are known for their supportive and healing abilities. They are known to be helpful for therapeutic purposes, and they can affect a person’s mental state in a positive way. Research has proven that having a furry friend around can improve people’s ability to deal with depression, panic attacks, and many other mental health issues. In general, socializing with dogs makes people more stress-resilient and happier overall.
Better social life

Dog-loving gals stick together; that’s a fact. It is quite easy to make new acquaintances through walks with your dog and play dates. It is one of the advantages of being a pet owner, but it goes deeper than just widening your social circle. The feeling of companionship, care, and the connection between a dog and its master creates a very positive atmosphere that can significantly improve your overall well-being, mental state, and social skills.

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Reduce Weight

There is a direct correlation between dogs and health. Everyday walks with your pet can actually play a very important role in your long-term health. Physical activity decreases your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and it helps you to maintain a healthy weight.  The best part is that it does not feel like exercise at all, because you are doing it for your little friend, and the positive health benefits just happen to be an added bonus.

Dealing with different illnesses

A variety of scientific studies have proven that dogs can greatly improve the health of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, people with arthritic pain, and even some traumas that heal faster in the presence of dogs. That seems incredible, but with all of the hard work and responsibility of owning a dog, the benefits seem to overwhelm any discomforts completely! If you are still contemplating the issue of whether to get a furry pet, make the healthy decision and finally get a dog!


Emily Watts is a veterinarian with more than 20 years of practice. She is interested in dog behavior and the effect pets have on their owners. For over a decade Emily has been participating in research on these topics, working with specialists from different areas in medicine to come up with health plans that help patients to fight illnesses such as depression and anxiety. We want to thank for providing the much-needed help with the creation of this article!

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