The Health Benefits of Bananas for Dogs

The Health Benefits of Bananas for Dogs

Bananas have numerous amounts of benefits but make sure that your dog consumes it in moderation. They are rich in potassium, vitamin B and C, fibers, copper and manganese. They are also rich in sugars which is why it shouldn’t be consumed on regular basis.

– Potassium is really good for strong bones and blood vessel function. A regular banana will provide your dog with 422 mg. It is also important for a healthy heart function.

– Manganese is good for maintaining adequate blood pressure levels and has a calming effect if your dog is a hyper one.

– Vitamin B6 in banana helps your dog with anemia. Vitamin B6 is also essential for your dog’s brain. It also helps regulate your dog’s sleep cycle.

The Health Benefits of Bananas for Dogs

– Vitamin C is good for the immune system.

– Fiber is good for healthy bowel movements.


– Vitamin B7 is a B complex vitamin that’s good for healthy skin and hair. It is also good for maintaining a healthy cardiac, metabolic and nervous function.

– Banana is also rich in antioxidants and delay cell damage decreasing your dog’s susceptibility to cancer and other diseases.

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