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Guide to Pet Cremation

Guide to Pet Cremation

Is your pet, your best friend? I suppose, yes! It is our human nature that we become so attached to some things that represent the symbol of love and affection to us. Pets are so cute and adorable that our affection towards them enhances as the day passes. It has been seen that animals proved to be loyal friends of a human if they are loved and cared. We usually pet, cats and dogs because of their loyal nature towards the human.

Human shares his emotional attachment with his pet. He shares his grieves, sorrows and his love with them, and I think no other human can replicate that feeling of love. And, when the time comes when you have to say goodbye to your best friend, it is the hardest thing you have to do in this world. You cannot see your love in pain and the thing you love most will not be with you tomorrow.

As your pet passing through that death time, it seems hard for both of you. And after his death, all you left with, is his lovely memories that you must honor. And you can do this by creating your pet’s body and use his cremains to honor his memories.

If you are planning a cremation of your pet and searching for a good veterinarian than you must visit

Let us discuss some mini-steps you can take for your pet cremation and how does it work.

1. Choosing Veterinarian for Pet Cremation:

The first step you have to go through is opting for the best veterinarian for your pet cremation. As for you, your pet means a lot, and you have a sentimental attachment with his cremains, in this case, you must select a vet you can trust on. As most of the vet will not treat your pet as you do. If you are opting to send your pet in the vet house in his last days, you must first satisfy yourself by visiting your pet daily. And I suggest that last days are very crucial for your pet you must spend your maximum time with him, and when he dies, you can send his body to the veterinarian. Once you have selected your vet, ask him whether he can cremate your pet or not. If he says yes, you can ask him details about the process and his services for the cremation.

2. Selecting Cremation Type:

There are two types of cremation, private and communal. The private cremation means the cremation of your pet will be separated and alone. While the communal refers to the type of cremation in which the pet is cremated along with other pets, and their cremains is buried in garden or pet cemetery. But, opting for the private cremation means you can have the cremains of your pet returned to you. In this way, you can honor your pet by using his cremains to be converted to things that can represent you love towards him and integrate his memories.

3. Cremation of your Pet:

Once you have selected the cremation type now, it is time for cremation day. The cremation day means the day when your pet remains are converted into ashes powder. In this process, your selected vet passes the body of your pet in a cremation chamber. In this chamber, your pet’s body is kept in the temperature from 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. After experiencing this temperature, his body is now left with bones. The remains of his body are then crushed until a powdery form is obtained. The average estimated time this process can take is 45 to two hours.

4. Cremains of your Pet:

After creating your pet’s body into ashes, the next step you can do is to collect his cremains from your veterinarian. You can ask your vet if he can decorate your pet cremains into a memorable piece. You can have other options as well like burring his cremains in the ground where he used to live, or you can craft it in a box or a paw shape, you can also design a necklace from his cremains. You can also take his picture and frame it, and instead of a wooden frame, you can craft the frame by his cremains. By doing so, you can honor his memories in your life by remembering him and showing your love and affection towards your pet.

5. Memorial Room:

When you have changed your pet’s cremains into a well-crafted memorial piece, you can now design or set up a memorial room for your pet cremation, or you can designate a place to remember your pet. Once you have decided a place for your pet’s memorial now place those pieces that you have crafted from your pet’s cremains. Decorate the place with his toys and his favorite food items. You can customize plates by printing his pictures or paw print on it. You can also make a collage of his happiest moments which you have spent together and stick it on the wall and name it as in the memory of your pet. By doing this, it will easy for you to celebrate his memories and enjoy those moments whenever you miss him. This crafting and designating place perhaps, cannot bring your pet back but it will honor your love, gratitude and affection for him that how much you loved him and his memories will never going to be fade from your life.

Wrapping it up, we all love our pets so much and, it is a fact that everything is destined its end.


Most of you might have experienced such situations where you have to end something for good. But love towards things, if it is true, never fades away. We start loving things like pets when we feel isolated and ignored. You started remembering the time when you first bring your pet home and how it changes your life your whole world. And when the time comes, when your pet dies you again back to the life you had before him, ignored and abandoned. Then you think the life he brought to you, and for thanking him and honoring him, you want his memorial to be best. And while planning his memorial, you would come up with many such ideas, consult it with your vet and asked him for best crematorium for the cremation of your pet. If you are scared that, by burring him on earth would eventually fade his memory from your life, then cremation is the best option for you to honor your love towards him.

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