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Are guests Allergic to Dogs? 7 Easy Ways to Make It Less Noticeable

Are guests Allergic to Dogs? 7 Easy Ways to Make It Less Noticeable

We all love having our friends and family over at our places. What do we love more? Bringing our furry little babies out to introduce our friends and family to their cuteness. However, if your guests show some signs of distress like slowly backing away from your dog, placing hands on nose and mouth, teary eyes and you immediately think – they’re dog haters!

But you’ve discussed dogs with them before and you would remember dog haters. And then it clicks…your guest is allergic to dogs!

If your guest is allergic to dogs, then regardless of the duration of their stay, they will be uncomfortable unless you take some precautions. To begin with, make sure that they know you have a dog. After that, it is your responsibility to make them as comfortable.

1. Keep Cleaning

While this may sound rather absurd because of its obviousness, it really isn’t. When we say clean, we mean hospital-clean! Your dogs may shed its fur all over the place and you may even be habituated to a couple of furs here and there but these few fur pieces might have extreme repercussions for someone with an allergy! Whip out your vacuum cleaner and make sure to get rid of each and every strand of fur.

If possible, keep your dogs away from carpets, rugs and mats because if they leave behind pet allergens or pet danders, then those aren’t ever coming off until you get them professionally cleaned. Make sure your guest room is completely dog-free at all times.

2. Air Purifier or Filters

Buying an air purifier may sound unreasonable if you are on a tight budget. However, if you already have one, then keep it running for a couple of days before your guests arrive. Be sure to circulate the machine all around the house so that the chances of their allergies getting triggered are reduced to a minimum.

If an air purifier is too much of an investment at the moment, then you can go for air filters that come with HEPA filters. These get rid of small airborne particles and will also help your guests feel more comfortable.

3. Ventilation

Air out your house. While you may not realize it, your dog may have a strong scent that needs to be aired out of the house. In the day time, air out your house by opening up all the windows and doors and turning the fans to the highest speed.

If you use an air freshener directly on top of your dog’s scent, it won’t work as the latter is extremely strong in nature. However, if you ventilate and then add some room freshener, that would be perfect. Make sure to keep a few windows open even after the guest arrive so they don’t feel suffocated and always have access to a breeze of fresh air.

4. Bathe Your Dog

Rinse your dog well and use pet-safe products on them which are approved or recommended by your vet. People are mostly allergic to the dander, saliva and urine of the dog. So make sure to keep scrubbing and bathe them more regularly to avoid any allergic reactions.

5. Backup Allergy Medicines

If your guests are highly allergic to dogs and you’ve followed all of the previous steps, they might still feel a little congested. Make sure to keep a few of the basic allergy medicines at hand to avoid the symptoms from getting too bad.

6. Limit Dogs to a Room

We’re sure that your allergic guest is probably not a dog hater and at least wants to see your dog prance around even if it means that they have a runny nose throughout their trip. However, you must limit their interaction as allergies have been found to be fatal in some cases.

Limiting your pet to a room may not be something you usually do but try to do it when guests with allergies are around so that you don’t constantly have to chase after your dogs or vacuum after them while also simultaneously giving your friend allergy medicines.

7. Take Them Outside

If your guests are coming over for a while then just simply ventilating the house and deploying air purifiers won’t cut it. You might have to take them outside the house quite frequently. Go outside instead of sitting inside your house and give your guests a dosage of some dog free air.

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