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Grooming Small Dogs – 7 Basic Mistakes That Can Shock Your Puppy

Grooming Small Dogs - 7 Basic Mistakes That Can Shock Your Puppy

Dog grooming is no easy task, especially if you’re the owner of a small dog. Even the most well-manner puppy can chew on his favorite stuffed animal toy and feel a lot of stress when it comes to grooming. To groom your puppy properly, you have to get them used to the process and make sure everything is set for a pleasant experience.

Many owners think they have everything under control, but they constantly make errors that end up shocking their dog. Small dogs behave differently, so you have to watch out and not make any of these 7 mistakes. Know how to avoid them and your precious four-legged friend will learn to love grooming sessions.

1. Not training your dog

Surprise, you’re the one who is responsible for how your dog accepts grooming!

Mark Johnson, a veterinary paper writer at Ninja Essays concurs. “Something every veterinarian comes across is a dog who is not used to being touched and groomed. Owners are too wary and careful of touching the dog too much when he’s a puppy. They believe they will hurt him, but grooming and petting are activities that young dogs have to experience in large amounts.”

To avoid shocking your puppy, you need to have him get used to grooming as soon as possible. When a young dog experiences stimulus, it takes little time for him to get used to them.

After just a few grooming sessions, he will think of it as something normal and not react aggressively nor experience anxiety. When he’s still a puppy, touch your dog everywhere and let other people hold him.

By being around a lot of activity, the puppy will soon get used to the company and feel at peace. Joshua Harris from Essay Writing Land emphasizes the importance of calming your dog and creating an entire experience.

2. Blaming the dog for the way he/she acts

In the previous section, we concluded that the owner is the only person responsible for the dog’s attitude towards grooming. If he by any chance bites you or starts acting aggressively, don’t hit him or punish him. The poor animal is probably afraid and the added violence will only make him more suspicious of you.

Be patient. If your dog keeps wiggling out or trying to run away before grooming, let them. Talk to them gently and tell them everything will be okay. Dogs can feel your mood, so you don’t want to spread even more negative energy in a situation that the dog finds already anxiety-inducing.

If they’re not used to grooming, which is a common case with adopted dogs, you need to train them. Be patient and don’t spread your own anxiety.

3. Not brushing before they get wet

Dogs with longer hair have a higher chance of getting dirt, fleas and parasites on them. Therefore, you need to take extra care of them and be careful when you groom them. Long hair is difficult to groom even when it’s dry. When it’s wet, however, it causes a lot of stress and the dog is hurting.

“Long-haired dogs often take a lot of time to groom,” says William Lennon, a canine paper writer at EssayMama and Assignment Masters. “Make their life easier by grooming them before taking a bath or before they go out into the rain. This also makes your job easier. When you take out all the debris from the hair, rain or taking a bath will take care of the rest.”

The longer your dog’s hair, the more meticulous you have to be with grooming before he gets wet. It might be hard in the beginning, but you will get used to it.

4. Not grooming after they get wet

We’ve already mentioned that grooming your dog before a bath or walk in the rain is mandatory, but so is afterwards. Hair strands can easily stick together if you only use a blow dryer. Things get even more difficult if it’s cold outside. Not grooming while drying can cause your dog’s immunity to drop. This can result in colds, fevers and even pneumonia.

Use the brush gently so that every strand is separated from others. Double brush just in case and make sure that you didn’t leave the underhair ungroomed. Afterwards, reward the little guy with some cuddling and a treat.

Grooming Small Dogs - 7 Basic Mistakes That Can Shock Your Puppy

5. Being inconsistent

How can your dog get used to grooming when even you’re not used to grooming him? Dogs are creatures of habit and they can only avoid shock if they’re used to an activity. Some breeds of dog can get anxious if they’re groomed after a 5-day break. Study the behavior of your dog and determine the best approach to them.

Even when you’ve already groomed your dog, there is no reason why you shouldn’t repeat the process. Don’t make it an hour-long session.

When there is no apparent need, 10 minutes a day is enough to make the process more soothing to him. If you maintain a routine, the poor fellow will start enjoying it and seeing it as a better version of scratching.

6. Not checking if a grooming salon is verified

A lot of people don’t have time to groom their dog, so they take them to a grooming salon. It’s a logical choice, but it can end up backfiring if you’re not careful.

Lots of grooming salons are unverified and employ people who have no knowledge in dog grooming whatsoever. That’s why you should always follow your dog’s reaction during and after the grooming is complete.

If you feel something is wrong, write an official complaint. Paper Writing Pro and Edu Birdie have dedicated teams of writers that specialize in legal problems and complaint writing. You have to be sure before sending the complaint to the salon and the authorities.

7. Letting the dog go immediately outside

Who likes being trapped in a bathtub unable to move for an hour? Your puppy sure doesn’t. Dogs tend to go berserk after bath time. Don’t let them run around the house too much and especially don’t let them roll around the park or the backyard.

After a bath and a grooming session, wrap him or her in a blanket and try to have them fall asleep. Once they dry out and you’ve re-groomed them, then they can get dirty as much as they want! It’s all about timing. If you let them out too soon, dirt will stick to their semi-wet coat and you will have another grooming session to do.


Now that you know what puppies don’t like when it comes to grooming, you can be sure that they’re having a good time. Remember always to brush them before they get wet and to apply a few touches with a soft brush after they get wet. Do it consistently and your dog will not only look amazing, but they’ll also enjoy the process and treat it as “upgraded cuddling.”

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