Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys

Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Getting Your Dog Settled into Their New Home

Getting Your Dog Settled into Their New Home

You’ve made an excellent decision to share your life with a new pet dog. That’s amazing! You looked at your time and finances and decided you had the means to do it and the free time to take walks and spend time with a furry friend. You won’t regret it.

Once you’ve worked out what breed would be best for your living situation, it’s time to make sure your digs are going to be comfortable and safe for your new dog.

Hazards: Keeping health risks away from dogs is as troublesome as it is with any small child. You have to worry about poisonous plants (inside and out) as well as making sure sharp objects or breakable items are stowed safely. It’s a good idea to remind yourself to keep the toilet lid shut and make sure the trash is secure too.

Crate training: While it might seem a little like doggie jail, a crate is a great way to get a dog comfortable in your home. Dogs love to have a quiet space of their own and a crate is an excellent way to provide that. Just make sure that your crate isn’t too big or they may use one end as a bathroom (yuk). A nice bed will make this a cozy home for your pet.

Food and food related items: Look into the best foods for your dog and if you have to switch them over to something new, remember to do it slowly, substituting a little of the new food for the old every day. As for receptacles, metal bowls are great because they won’t get chewed or broken and they are simple to clean. Get bowls with non-slip bottoms so they don’t get shifted, splashing all over the house.

Toys and distractions: Dogs love to play and you’ll want them to do that to tire themselves out. Some of the best toys can also freshen breath while keeping your dog occupied. Pet Qwerks Toys has some great options for toys that are great for chewing and also keep their breath minty fresh.

Making your place hospitable for your dog will pay big dividends. If you’re looking for ways to make it easy, this site has some solid dog prep checklists that will allow you to organize everything from your car to your bathroom.

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