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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Being Aggressive Towards the Cat

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Being Aggressive Towards the CatAre you finding the best trick how to get your dog to stop being aggressive towards the cat? Opposite to general view, dogs are not natural-born criminals of cats.

Staying with a dog that is aggressive towards cats is a big problem in many homes. No smart solution that can change your dog in a well-behaved, especially if they have a critical aggression problem. But, you can find how to hold a dog from being aggressive towards cats before the problem becomes out of control.

Here in this article, you will learn many tricks to stop being aggressive dog toward the cat.

Dog Aggression Facts

It is essential to assume a little of dog psychology and why they become aggressive. Dogs do aggression when they feel scared, and it may also be when the dog is frightened or has a bad experience with the cat in the past. Alpha head dogs are too much aggressive, even towards the owners or family. A cat can be known as a threat. Dogs and cats struggled for your attention, which makes them aggressive towards cats, mainly if you don’t give them the attention they desire.

Giving Your Pets Its Place

Dogs used to live in packets, and they still have the packet ability and want must a leader. If you don’t take the post of the leader, your dog will examine to be the alpha leader, and he will produce his aggressiveness, using it toward people, other dogs or cats. You can set yourself as the alpha leader by bringing the dog to training classes and holding the one who controls him, provides him rights and serves food, surprises or punishments.

Behavioral Training Classes

Behavioral training classes are necessary for all dogs, and this is a way by which you can obtain your control over your dog. You can take training classes, but if you experience or trained other pets before, you can do the training at home. The dog will determine to listen to some words, and the first thing the dog recognize is the word NO.

By general training, your dog will determine to get along properly with other animals, adding cats. So, the real thing to offer is to train your dog. You must try and prove yourself as the pack leader. Train the dog to obey your orders. Use prizes to improve behavior. Not only train your dog also train your cat like litter training.

Humane Punishments

When you get your dog aggressive against a cat, you will show him that you don’t support his behavior and humanely punish him. A non-aggressive punishment is to carry the dog to his cage or a separated place where he cannot play or do anything. Be sure you give the punishment immediately after the dog has been aggressive with a cat. Otherwise, the dog will not know why he is being punished.

Socialize the Dog with Cats

If you have cats in your home, you can socialize your dog with them, in the beginning just a few minutes at a time. The dog should get practiced to playing with the cats without being aggressive, but he needs to assume the cats are not a warning. In time, you can increase the hours that the dog spends with the feline friends. But, if your dog becomes aggressive, don’t ignore to give punishment till he determines how to play with felines.

Separate Area for Each Pet’s Food

Both cats and dogs fight over food bowls, toys, and the litterbox. Be sure that each pet has its own particular space so that the two don’t get into fights on food bowls and toys. Also keep your dog aside from your cat’s litter box. Put your cat’s food and water out of your dog’s range as well to avoid the fight.

Understand How to Stop A Fight

If your cat and dog become into a fight, you’ll require to get them to stop. First try producing a loud noise that shocks the animals, which will let one of them escape or may allow you time to grip one. You can more try sprinkling water on your pets throwing a blanket over them.

Avoid shouting, as this can disturb your pets and help them to keep fighting. Don’t become in among the two animals.

Reintroduce the Animals

Reintroduce the animals to each other over some time after a few week or months. Let them smell each other’s smells by a closed door for a few days, observing for signs of victim aggression in your dog, including growling, snarling or snapping. Once your dog lives relaxed in your cat’s presence with a closed door, support the door open only a gap with a heavy object like a paperweight so that the animals can see, but not reach to each other for a few minutes at a time.

Give Medicines

In some situations, training alone is not sufficient. Dogs that are aggressive because they’re afraid, so they need medication to improve control of the problem. Talk to your veterinarian to resolve that this is the problem with your dog. Treatment or medication may make significant improvements in your dog’s behavior.

In The End

Thanks for reading with us hope this article will help you. Here you learn many tricks to stop your dog from being aggressive towards the cat. Kindly share this information with others and never forget to comment below.

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