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How to Get your Dog Excited About Bath

How to Get your Dog Excited About Bath

Are you worried for the fact that your dog does not like to take a bath? Well, worrying about this is the last thing that you should do. No dog in their right mind like to have bath. They may give in considering the fact that their beloved human friend wants them to take a bath or they are dirty beyond the level of tolerance.

However, you may convince your dog or make him excited for a bath in the following ways:

1. Warm water to the rescue:

Warm water will make your dog panic less. Like most human beings, your dog may also not like cold water and thus would not like to take a bath. Warm water will give them a cozier feel. Also, place an anti-skid mat on the bottom of the tubs. Dogs often are not able to maintain balance when in the tub and thus do not want to bath in the entirety.

2. Make it fun in any way possible:

Achieving this may be difficult for you but in order to get your dog excited about the bath, you will have to do all that it takes. Associate the bath with something they find enjoyable. Maybe, you can get a toy that they love playing with. The dog shall be automatically attracted to taking a bath. Bath time shall become the fun time.

3. Get another canine’s assistance:

This may seem funny to you and to many others, but actually, this can help! A dog can be another dog’s best support. For any decently socialized dog, having another dog to bath with him will make your dog more excited for the bath. If you only call that dog at the time of bath, your dog will obviously be looking forward to it.

4. Food – it always makes the case:

You can also try to feed them while bathing. Most dogs will want to take a bath when they know that a foodie surprise is waiting. It can work wonders.

5. Make them familiar with the water:

Make them familiar with the water. When your dog becomes engaged with the water, the sound of it flowing and actually watching the water flow will not become something estranged to them. Just like how the dogs enjoy with the human beings who they are familiar to – they will soon begin to enjoy with the water and during bath as well.

In other cases, you can take them on a brief walk before they take a bath in order to keep them calm and happy. Go for drying your dog with a towel rather than blow dry! A dog often enjoys towel drying but may be scared from the dryer.

Lastly, always establish a performance and reward system. Treat your dog for a job well done or a bath peacefully taken. Tell your dog that you will take him for a walk, fetching game or give him his favorite dog treat as a reward. The rewards are yours to decide – as per your dog’s likeness. We are pretty sure that his excitement will be un-matched.

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