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Interactive Dog Toys and Pet Toys by Pet Qwerks Toys


Game-Changers For Your Dog’s Health For a Longer, Healthier Life

Game-Changers For Your Dog’s Health For a Longer, Healthier Life

A relationship between a dog and their family is a unique and special one. The comfort and love from your pet is something that cannot be replicated and can bring so much joy to your life. While you may hope that your dog lives out their days happy and healthy, it is up to you to make the right choices for this to be possible. Your dog’s health must be considered with the utmost care and attention to the many things that you can do to promote that. Consider these game-changing strategies and choices to promote the longest healthiest life that you can offer them.

Diet and Nutrition

Much like the rest of your family, your pup’s health can be greatly impacted by the food that they consume. They must eat nutritious meals with the appropriate amount of calories that they need for energy. Your choices in the food that they eat, the amount and any supplemental nutrients are all areas that you need to monitor carefully. As you decide, make sure that you select a choice that provides the nutrients they need, and check online feedback like the Review of Heeds Food dog kibble, as this can provide you with valuable information. If your pup has a taste for table scraps, make sure that you are wary of foods that can be dangerous for them and avoid unnecessary calories that may not offer them any benefits.

Physical Exercise

Again, very similar to human beings, dogs need physical activity and exercise. They will need to get their heart pumping to keep them healthy. Luckily, many of their physical activities can also be beneficial to your health. Whether you take your dog out for a run, a walk or for a frolic on a sunny day in a dog park, you can reap significant benefits from their physical exercise. Consider integrating activity for both of you, so that you can both reap the rewards.


If you feel comfortable in your neighborhood and trust your pup, you may be tempted to let them wander. While taking your dog out may feel time-consuming, allowing your dog to roam without supervision should be avoided at all costs, as this presents potential risks to you, your family, your dog and your neighborhood. While your dog may be docile and well-behaved, this is not guaranteed for any other animal that they may encounter. Without your supervision and intuition, you may unknowingly put your dog into a dangerous situation. Furthermore, it can be unnerving to see an unsupervised dog out and about, so the chance of having your dog picked up by animal control or alarming neighbors could put your dog at further risk. This can all be avoided with your supervision.


Taking the time to play with and engage with your pet is a big part of being a pet owner. Your dog will need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise, so schedule playtime. Whether you incorporate this into their physical activity through a game of fetch or they have designated toys at home to play with, it is critical for both your and their sanity. By interacting with your pet, you can avoid behavioral issues that can arise from boredom and neglect.

Preventative Medicine

With your canine companion, investing in their preventative care can help prolong their life. Once you have established a relationship with a vet, plan to take your dog in for an annual visit. These regular checkups will give the vet a chance to assess their health consistently and address any major issues that arise. With preventative medicine, your vet will administer vaccines, conduct evaluations and provide you with recommendations on making the best choices for their health to provide them with a long and healthy life.

As your loving companion and a part of the family, they deserve the absolute best choices in life. Your pet’s care can have a huge impact on their quality and length of life, so make sure that you are equipped to make the best choices possible to support that.

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