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Why Your Furry Friend Needs Dog Clothing

Why Your Furry Friend Needs Dog Clothing

Your four-legged friend is more than a dog; he is a part of the family. Just as the kids wear clothing, so too should your furry friend. Some dog owners understand the importance of clothing for their pets. In fact, dogs oftentimes have wardrobes better than their human companions. You’d be surprised how much love their dogs and the extent they’ll go to take care of them. Although taking your love for your pet and his new wardrobe to this extent isn’t necessary, it is important that your pet has clothing available. No matter the dog breed, the dog age, or his experience wearing clothes, clothing keeps him warm and offers so many other exciting benefits.

Fashionable & Functional Clothing for Your Pet

If you think your pet is cute now, wait until he’s all decked out in that cute sweater or dress that you found. Be sure the camera is ready because you’ll want to snap lots of photos of your pet in his new wardrobe. We love our pets and while it’s true they’re not dolls for us to use as playthings, dressing up our dogs is a lot of harm-free fun. A dog who wears clothing is modern and impressionable. Expect even more people to admire the dog on every walk. Who can resist a cute poodle (or other breeds) decked out in a fun and funky shirt, after all?

Any season, doggie rain gear protects them from rain and other weather elements. Pet owners know that the ‘wet dog smell’ is not a myth and bringing that odor inside your home is the last result you want. Dog rain gear protects your pet when it’s dreary, raining, hailing, or even snowing outside. Almost every dog owner needs rain gear for their pets.

During the fall and winter when temperatures drop down low, your pet’s fur provides him warmth and protection. However, it isn’t as warm as you may suspect and a nice sweater is sure to give her the added warmth she needs. It is especially important to outfit smaller dogs with a sweater, shirt, etc. when it’s cold outside to keep them warm on those bathroom breaks and walks.

Help for Your Favorite Pup

Clothing may even benefit dogs suffering from anxiety and separation issues. Yes, it’s real and if your pet suffers, you understand that it is very frightening for a pet when they fear their owner is not going to return. Clothing provides your dog with added comfort and assurance in the same way a baby enjoys a pacifier or being swaddled tightly into a blanket.

Could your dog be the next Sophia Loren dog model? Yes, dog modeling spots are available and your cutesy pup could very well be the next star. Donning her out in spectacular clothing creates photos that stand out in the minds of agencies scouring for dogs to use in their ads and promotions. And, of course, provides memories of your pet that you’ll cherish forever.

Some dogs don’t mind wearing clothes while others passionately despise it. If wearing clothes truly bothers your dog, don’t force him to put on that sweater for your entertainment or other reasons. Your dog’s comfort is always most important. Otherwise, dog clothing certainly has benefits that help your dog become a trendsetter in today’s pet-friendly world. Bowse the clothing options. Tons of fun styles of clothing for most any breed can easily be found with a bit of research. There’s no doubt that dog clothes will look good on your furry friend.

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