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Fun Ways to Keep your Dog Cool in Summer

Summer brings with it a lot of excitement. It’s a time to be outdoors in light clothes without worrying about the chill. It’s a time to slather on sunscreen and relax on the lounge chair and soak in some sun on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s also a time the human body is able to cool itself with lots of sweating. Unfortunately, our dogs can’t do the same. Although they might sit beside you in the hot sun, they are more likely to overheat because unlike humans, dogs don’t sweat. They cool off with their paws and by panting. So what happens if you want to spend some time outdoors with your dog?

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Kiddie’s pool

Float some treats on the kiddie pool and let your dog splash in it as he tries to reach the treats. This way, he will be able to cool off and still have fun splashing and swimming.

Turn on the hose

I am yet to meet a dog who does not enjoy playing under a hose. Turn on the water and make your pet reach for the water by holding up where he has to jump.He will love the challenge and the water on his skin will keep him cool. Make sure to splash some water on his paws and stomach because dogs cool from bottom up.

Frozen Flavorit bones

Slather cream cheese on the tiny cells one side and yogurt on the other side of the Flavorit bone. Put the bone in the freezer. After a few hours, give the frozen Flavorit bone to your dog. This should keep him occupied as he sits beside you as you engage in other outdoor activities, and the frozen bone should keep him cool.

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Take walks when it’s cool

The summer sun can sometimes be too much, and moreso for dogs because they don’t sweat. Take the dog for his daily walks in the evening or early morning when the sun is not too hot. This way, you can both take longer walks without anxiety about overheating.

Put ice in his water

Place water bowls conveniently around the house to keep your dog hydrated. Putting ice in the water helps the dog stay cool.

Fun Ways to Keep your Dog Cool in Summer

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