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Fun Outdoor Activities you can Do with your Dog

Fun outdoor activities you can do with your dog

If you have a loving, energetic and curious pooch, it is normal to want to spend as much productive time with him as possible Taking your dog outside might be the best way both for you and your little pet to get some exercise together, spend lucrative time in nature, and inhale fresh air. If you reckon that taking your dog out merely for a walk is not considered as a fun activity, you are right. Here are some fun, productive and time-efficient outdoor activities that you can do with your petite pooch.

Organize a pouch get-together

If you take your dog for a walk regularly, try to transform that mundane routine into an enjoyable activity. By organizing a get-together with other dogs around the neighborhood. Visit an off-leash dog park where your best friend can roam around with other fellow dogs. This can be also fun for you. You can meet new people as your dog is mingling with other canines. Later, you can host a dog party gathering at your backyard, and invite the newly acquainted friends.

Do some productive workouts

Going outside with your companion is the best way to blow off some steam from the hectic obligations at work. Just imagine how mentally and physically profitable it would be to combine your regular walk with some exercise. Go running or jogging, stop at a nearby park, do some effective workouts and let your dog help you. Do slow and controlled movements while your dog is in sitting positions like lunges or planks. If you are wondering what their workout you can do, find more info here.

Go cycling

It can be demanding to ride a bike while your dog is on a leash since they can get extremely excited and may pull rather hard. Before you hop on a bike, it would be wise to play fetch with your pooch’s toy or let him run around for some time to burn excess steam. When they are ready to hit the bike trail, it would be a flabbergasting adventure for both of you. You can go wherever you desire, make pit-stops, take photos and just enjoy it. Petite dogs are more for baskets rather than for ride-beside activity, so have that in mind.

Visit the beach

There are numerous fun activities you and your furry friend can do at the beach. When the weather is perfect, go to a nearby riverside, lake or sea and go swimming, running or jogging along the shore together. Get a doggy vest and try SUP paddling or surfing, only be mindful, some dogs are not so keen being on the board. If that doesn’t sound fun enough, then you can rent a boat and take a boat ride together and just unwind.

Embrace learning new skills

When you opt to go outside, your dog subsequently knows the route to the nearest park, pet shop and even vet. To make walking together a fun activity, try to teach your dog new skills along the way. Dogs love learning new tricks. Make your outdoor walk and enjoyable activity by changing your route every day to let your pouch sniff new things. Bring along treats and at every corner trying to teach your dog some new tricks.

Upscale your running routine

Make running with your dog a fun activity. Your dog can be your best workout buddy so let him be your coach. No matter if you are in the city, in the mountains or at the beach, follow your dog’s tempo, let him set the pace and be your guide. You will shed excess pounds in no time an have fun while doing so.

Whenever you can bring a ball or your dog’s favorite toy. Play games like fetch, frisbee or tug-of-war and have fun together.

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